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Saturday · 4 Oct 03 · 12:32 PM IST | Posted by Karthik | Category: General

While I was in Hyderabad I made changes to this site and my brother's, and this is what's new...

Varun 20787:

  • First of all, the site is back online.  Go to my brother's site here:!
  • Sometime in mid-September, Varun made a new site theme for his site, which is currently available to view.  This is called Mechanical Red and is absolutely awesome.  I think it is the best theme on his site!
  • There is also a new (recent) photograph of himself on the site.

  • Since I cannot upload files from TAPMI (firewall restriction), I uploaded many from home.  First of all, several images and thumbnails for my Movie Reviews - which means I can write and add them whenever I want.  You can expect new reviews soon.
  • I uploaded my The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring drawing, I will add it on the Drawings Gallery page in a short while.
  • An important thing I did was put dropdown listboxes on the News Archive page, which relieves me of the burden of re-uploading the page every month.  Unfortunately it's had a side effect which I realised only today - I use the HTTP POST method for handling the form, and because of that you cannot use a direct URL to access a news page.  Argh.
  • Other minor changes: I changed the intro on the main page, and also made a few modifications to the About page.

Well, that's it for this update, hopefully I'll have movie reviews next time!

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Back at TAPMI for Term II

Saturday · 4 Oct 03 · 11:27 AM IST | Posted by Karthik | Category: General

After a great time in Hyderabad, I'm back at TAPMI for the second term.  Now the past update dealt with some of the things I was planning to do - this one is about what I actually DID.  It's all good, so here goes -

  • Fri-Sun, 19-21 Sep: I did plenty of things in Hyderabad during this time.  Firstly, I rewrote some PHP code on Varun's site to make it work with a new database login and password, and also made some fixes.  There will be another update about this, so I'll leave this matter here for now.  Then, I also wrote some CDs to take back with me to TAPMI.  There are MP3s and videos, and a couple of movies too.  Unfortunately most of them didn't work on my drive, and I'm still trying to figure out why.  Anyway on Sunday (21st) my parents and myself went to the IMAX theatre at Hyderabad, it was my first IMAX experience and it was great!  At the time I went there, they showed a documentary called Everest (no points for guessing what it's about!).  After that, I got the original video CD version of Minority Report!  The second disc has 15 minutes of extras, basically a set of interviews with the cast and crew.  There are also certain tweaks I did to my site, and that's also in another post.
  • Mon/Tue, 22/23 Sep: On 22nd I listened to "Fallen" by Evanescence.  That evening, my bus from Hyderabad to Bangalore was supposed to start at 9 PM, but it started at 11 PM instead, and was delayed by another hour a little later on.  Due to this I reached Bangalore only at 1:30 PM the next afternoon, and so took another bus to Mangalore (which reached at 11:15 PM!), and then an auto to Manipal.  Finally I reached my room at 1:30 AM on 24th!  The first thing I did was check the CDs I had brought, and was disappointed to find that most of them didn't work on my Acer CD drive.
  • Wed-Wed, 24 Sep-1 Oct: 24th morning was the start of Term II at TAPMI.  In the night, myself and a couple of friends went to watch Once Upon a Time in Mexico at Dollops's Video Cinerama theatre.  The problem is, it was such a horrible print that it took all the fun out of watching the movie, and to top that, it was missing about half an hour of scenes.  The movie itself seems excellent though, and I have to watch it properly later.  The next few days were classes as usual, until Saturday 27th - when we had a "brand video" shoot (as part of Mudra Communications's Brand Building for TAPMI), followed by the TAPMI Industry Interface 2003, which is an annual event (held on the last Saturday of September), where several CEOs of companies were invited to discuss on "New Age MBA Curriculum".  The next few days were basically the usual classes again.  On October 1, we started getting our business newspapers and magazines to read through for the Business Awareness course.

And that brings us to today.  I'm updating now because we have no assignments or quizzes for the next couple of days.  TAPMI's annual Homecoming event has started and several Alumni are here for two days.  We had the inaugural ceremony in the morning, and after that I came back to the hostel, from where I'm typing this.

Oh and another thing.  Computer problems continue for me, I shifted the computer from one place in my room to another and it's stopped working.  I have to get this fixed and the video card changed.

In the last few days I also started drawing a comic in my notebook.  It's called Pulp Horror and I've drawn 11 panels so far.  I've shown it to some friends so far, and I've left space to draw 61 panels more.  I'm making up the story as I go along, so let's see how it turns out.  I will scan it once it's finished.

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