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Halloween II — Fan Poster and Video

Monday · 10 Aug 09 · 02:19 AM IST | Posted by Karthik | Category: Art announced a contest towards the end of July, where one can create a fan movie poster for the upcoming Rob Zombie movie Halloween II and submit it to them.  The contest ends August 28 (the release date of the movie).  The winning entry will be selected by Rob Zombie and the submitter will get a print of the poster signed by Zombie.  I am not sure whether the contest is open to entries outside the US, but regardless I thought it'd be a cool thing to do, so I made a poster —

Halloween II (2009) STYD Fan Poster — by Karthik Abhiram

Click on the image above or here, to view the poster on my gallery.  You can also watch a YouTube video that shows the entire process of creation of the poster.  It took a lot of effort (many hours of work spread over the last two weekends) to make the poster as well as the video, but I am very happy with the end result.  Let me know what you think!

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The Book of Eli — Drawing and Video

Monday · 10 Aug 09 · 01:52 AM IST | Posted by Karthik | Category: Art

Recently, I got to see the trailer for The Book of Eli, an upcoming science-fiction action movie starring Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman and Mila Kunis.  The trailer was released at Comic-Con International, and looks quite nice.  The movie will be released in 2010 and is directed by Allen and Albert Hughes.  I was quite inspired by the trailer and so I did this drawing after watching it —

The Book of Eli — Drawing by Karthik Abhiram

Nothing fancy, the drawing was done with ballpoint pen, a photo was taken and that was coloured digitally.  The drawing was intended to be part of a larger piece, with the movies that I want to see in 2009-10 (similar to what I did last year).  I also filmed footage while drawing this, so I put that together into a video and uploaded it to YouTube.

Watch The Book of Eli Drawing Video on YouTube

You can watch the video by clicking here or on the above image.  I think the video came out pretty nicely.  The music track I used in the video is the "Survivalism (Celebmix)" by Celebutante, from the open-source Nine Inch Nails Remix Album, The Limitless Potential.

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"Lost" Drawings

Monday · 10 Aug 09 · 12:06 AM IST | Posted by Karthik | Category: Art

As I'd mentioned in an earlier post, I started watching the TV show Lost in June, and by now, I finished watching all 5 seasons of the show.  Without a doubt it is an excellent TV show — with well-written characters, intriguing mysteries and plenty of twists to keep things interesting.  I am waiting to watch episodes of Season 6 in 2010!  In the mean time, here are two drawings I did based on Lost

Terry O'Quinn as John Locke from Lost — Drawing by Karthik Abhiram

This is a picture of Terry O'Quinn as John Locke, one of my favourite characters from the show.  I did this at the time I was watching Season 2, hence the "Lost numbers" — 4 8 15 16 23 42 — are on the drawing.  The characters are told that they must enter these numbers into a computer terminal every 108 minutes to prevent the end of the world!

Lost In-Progress — Kate and Hurley — Drawing by Karthik Abhiram

The above is a picture I started drawing, and features Evangeline Lilly as Kate Austen and Jorge Garcia as Hugo "Hurley" Reyes.  I plan to do more of these character drawings later, and I especially want to do one of Michael Emerson as Benjamin Linus (I still think of "Hello Zepp" from Saw when I see him).

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