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Replaces: Ultimate Doom, E2M1
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Click to see larger imageChaos Punch was my second released level and people tell me this is better than ICK.  Well, this is a different sort of level, where you are started off with the berserk fist as your only weapon.  That's why it's called Chaos Punch.  Of course, at the end you will get a more powerful weapon, but it seems I'm the only one who actually uses it - everyone who has sent me demos of this level prefers going Tyson all the way through!

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Demos (available at Opulent's Site)

16 April 2001 - Opulent sent me a demo in UV Tyson in 4:18
4 July 2001 - Varun did a terrific Tyson demo of this map in 3:38
31 July 2001 - Yet another terrific Tyson demo from Wim Vanrie, in 3:10


17 June 2003 - Eric Buck reviewed this map at the Doom Wad Station, here.

Doomworld's /newstuff Chronicles Review by AndrewB - 22 April 2001

"One map for Ultimate DOOM, running on E2M1.  Detail-wise, this map isn't too special.  Simple shapes, big empty rooms, no variance in light.  Playability-wise, that's a different story.  Some seldom-used strategies are put into place, as instead of having tons of monsters to fend off, you will have long pits of slime to hamper your way.  Your main weapon will be the Berserk pack, although you will get a secondary weapon to help you out.  Not too difficult, just a fun map to play."

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