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Out of Phase is a level for Doom II.  It was completed on 3 October 2001.  I started building this one Sunday, and it soon grew into a full map.  This is different in style from any map I've ever made.  It takes place in a sort of tech-style base that's floating in the air.  And there's more detail and lighting in this level than my previous levels.  It features full skill settings, and there's also a music replacement - listen to Dub in Life by Eiffel 65 while you play it!  It's a short level, and in my opinion it's neither too easy nor too difficult.

Coincidentally, 3 October 2000 (one year before the completion of this level) was the completion date of my FIRST WAD, which was never released. :)

Do you want to know where the name came from?  It's funny actually... I was teaching my brother some Physics lessons and the words "out of phase" seemed to fit this map!

Demos (available at Opulent's DSDA / Présage)

15 Oct 2001 - Opulent sent a "first look" demo (basically instead of writing his comments, he sent the demo) - this was really helpful to me because it pointed out things that could be improved in further WADs.
17 Oct 2001 - Varun did some demos of the map too.  His time for UV max is 1:31.
20 Oct 2001 - Albert Valls sent three demos - UV Max in 1:23, UV -fast in 1:28 and Reality in 1:52.
20 November 2001 - Watched Metabolist's demo

Other demos - 31 December 2001 - Joe Pallai sent me a demo of this level showing off the archvile bug.  It's a very interesting demo featuring an invulnerable/noclipping caco!


17 June 2003 - Eric Buck reviewed this map at the Doom Wad Station, here.

Doomworld's /newstuff Chronicles Review by AndrewB - 28 October 2001

"This would be our first single-player map released in quite a while. One map for Doom2, a relative small and easy map. This level has somewhat of a space-base-in-space theme, with sky textures in the floor and cramped corridors. Almost every line in the map is 90°, so it is quite square. There's not all that much detail, and more than enough ammo and health to kill everything with relative ease. However, how fun a map is depends on how hungry you are. There's also a nice MIDI music replacement."

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