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The Other Side of Phobos is my first attempt at making an Episode 1-style level for Doom.  I was inspired by Tobias Münch and Pablo Dictter's recent classic Doom-style releases, so that's how I ended up making this level.  It's not a "pure" Episode 1 style level though (I know trees can't grow on Phobos, but anyway...).

It's larger in size than any of my other levels, and in my opinion, better too!  I spent a little over a month making this level and I think it turned out well.  There's a titlepic replacement and a replacement of the level title.  I used Karthik's WAD Changer to make it an E1M1 level.

Thanks go to Josh Frazier (inferno_45) for composing "Stalker", the cool MIDI used in the level.  His music page is here and this is his Doom WADs page.

The Story

A few days have passed since the UAC deployed several teams of marines to Phobos to kill all the demons that invaded that base.  What was being kept secret though, was that there was ANOTHER moonbase, on the other side of Phobos. This place also held a gateway to the other dimension, and for some reason, the UAC didn't want that fact to get out.

The demons invaded this one too, and the UAC sent your team over there to clean out the base before it attracted too much attention to itself.  Your team suffered the same fate as everyone else who set foot on Phobos...

Now it's up to you to clean out the facility.  It's pretty lonely this side of Phobos.  Everyone you know is either dead, or was instantly zombified.  What will you find at the end of this place?

Reviews and Comments

Sep. 11, 2002: The Other Side of Phobos has been reviewed at Sarge Baldy's Hardass Doom Reviews.  It's a nice review and the Sarge (Owen Lloyd) gave my map a rating of 7.25/10.


I've just finished your new level: The Other Side of Phobos.

Damn, Karthik, you keep getting better, don't you! Here's a short review, in which I'll give my honest opinion:


If I compare this level with your previous ones, it is clear you've improved a lot. Though the design is still far from perfect (excuse me if this sounds a bit rough), it looks pretty good. The areas are very well conected and it all feels like one big level, not a couple of rooms with a door in between. There are many different height levels, which is always good. There's just one thing missing: Detail. You'd be suprised what a couple of lamps with some light sectors can do. Or how much better a room looks with a couple of metal bars and some LITE-textures along the wall. Next time, when you've finished a level, why don't you try adding a couple of things like these.


As usual, this level was incredibly fun to play. It never gets boring, remains challenging and a couple of suprising traps (which I like!) along the way really make it a fun experience! I loved the room with the light going on and off smoothly. It was very creepy to hear those soldiers walk around wihtout knowing their position (until they shot you, of course :-). There's not much to say, really, IT WAS FUN!!! I'd give your level a score of 79% (Gameplay: 46/50 Design: 33/50). Remember, this is only MY humble opinion. Feel free to correct what I've said if you think that's necessary.

Keep designing,


-- Wim Vanrie (The Mole)

(Wim - I didn't add a lot of detail because this was supposed to be an Episode 1 style map :))

That's a pretty good wad you have there. I love Phobos type levels, and this one didn't disappoint. Nice, authentic detail and pretty hard at the start (love the start trap by the way!). Just when I thought it was getting easier (towards the end), along came the last room to blow that notion away! (although I didn't find the rad until after the battle). Good wad, keep it up.

-- Stephen Clark (The Ultimate DooMer)

Doomworld's /newstuff Chronicles Review by AndrewB

"This is a very nice single-player map for Ultimate DOOM, running on E1M1.  Fans of episode 1 will eat this one up.  It takes place on a moon base, with a healthy mix of indoor and outdoor areas.  It most resembles E1M9 of the original Doom.  Health and ammo is balanced quite well, and the challenge is good.  It also has a very simple yet decent music replacement.  Again, very nice."

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