Short 'n Quick

Varun Abhiram · Doom II
Varun Abhiram (site)
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The Review

The start room

Short 'n Quick is a nicely constructed level that lives up to it's name!  It is set in a high-tech type warehouse, with the requisite crates and tech lights.  The feel of the whole thing is captured well, and to add to the atmosphere, the level has a nice cloudy looking sky.

The level is indeed quite short and you can complete it rather quickly.  You start off facing a lift that lowers you to a small sort of storage area, after which you enter a kind of hallway.  You can see the red key on one of the balconies, and a little walking around and activating a couple of switches gets you there.  Use the key to raise a few bars that are blocking a teleporter, and you're off to the exit.

The big hallway

I liked the layout of the level, though it is small you do get to revisit certain areas, and of course every one of these areas is very nice to look at.  There is a good amount of height variation, with nice lighting.  You won't be confused at any time.

On Ultraviolence skill, the level is quite difficult and you'll face a number of the tougher monsters (revenants, chaingunners, hellknights) firing away at you from all sides.  Also you need to be careful with your ammo here, don't waste any!  On lower skills though you can play the level in a more relaxed way.

A loading area

There is a very suitable music replacement for the level, which is taken from Descent.  And as I mentioned already there's a new cloudy sky replacement, which is of high quality.  Same goes for the new titlepic.

Overall, this level is a generally impressive one with nice texturing and lighting, and a good atmosphere to go with it (I particularly loved the exit area).  It's well worth playing, and I felt that it ended too early - it would have been great to play more of SnQ!

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Review Date 29 May 03
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