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The Review

A view from a bridge

Unlike the hi-tech warehouse setting of it's predecessor, Short 'n Quick 2 is set in a more natural, earth-type environment.  The level is set in the midst of a couple of bridges, some rocky formations (with blood running through in several places) and some nearby buildings.  It's a pretty well-lit level for the most part, and quite colourful.

Since this level is supposed to be "short" and "quick" (it's bigger than the first one), the objective is pretty simple.  The exit door is opened by a yellow key, and is blocked by some bars.  You basically have to get the key and throw switches which get rid of the bars.  The key and switches are of course set in the surrounding environments.

Another view from the bridge

The level's layout is interesting.  Since it was designed to function both as a single player as well as a deathmatch level, the level is set up in such a way that you can roam around practically anywhere at any time!  There is no fixed route at all to take, each area in the level is well interconnected with the others.  Just keep in mind the switches and the key!  You are unlikely to get stuck or confused for long, because the level is rather small and you can usually find your way about easily.

The difficulty of this level is pretty steep though, with lots of revenants waiting to hit you with their heatseeking missiles.  It is possible to play it even on higher skill levels, but this would suit experienced Doomers more.  On lower skills the level is fun.  Although, players must remember that not all routes through the level are necessarily of the same difficulty - playing it a different way might make the level easier (and discovering how to get at that supercharge secret definitely will!!).

An indoor area with nice lighting

The detailing of the level is nice and it looks very good.  The lighting in the indoor areas is particularly remarkable.  The level uses the Doom Episode 1 sky, and also includes a nice music replacement to go with it - this is "Dance of the Sugarplum Lunatic" by Mark Klem (which is also on the Memento Mori II soundtrack).

Overall this is a very well designed level that supports both single player and deathmatch games, and I'd definitely recommend downloading and playing it!

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Review Date 29 May 03
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