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I stole this shotgun

Ockham Complex is a tech-themed level from Metabolist.  The start of this map is a kind of brick area with computers - this along with the little bits of steel made a nice texture combination.  Brick and the green tech textures (like the kind seen in Doom II's MAP01) are the main themes used in this level.

You will have to be quick to kill off a shotgun dude to grab his weapon (this guy should have been there even on skills 1, 3).  Later on of course, finding both secrets will help you out - and make things a lot more fun (but the second secret is tough to find)!  One particular room had a tower in the middle with monsters teleporting in - this, and the outside area with the yellow key were two highlights in this level.  Then, it's off to the exit - and here, you must be prepared for a tight battle!

Outdoor area, showing off the sky

You can probably make out from the above description that this is a short level - short and lots of fun to play, which is why I liked it so much.  The proper lighting in a level always adds to it's feel - and makes the textures look great.  I liked the use of bricks with SUPPORT2.  In fact, this brick/tech combination works really well.  I also liked the corridor to the exit room overlooking the outside area.  You won't have a problem with ammo at all, and health is adequate.  There are some tense situations with monsters crowding up on you, but it's never unfair.  Most Doomers should enjoy themselves playing this on UV skill.  The other skill levels are easier (Chaingunner replacing Revenant, that sort of thing).  There were a couple of textures that were misaligned, and some doors that seemed about a foot thick... but these are easy to ignore.

Near the exit

The sky from The Plutonia Experiment is used - the bright almost white one.  There's a nice music replacement by Paul Corfiatis.  I liked this map a lot, and you will too.  This is a normal doom2.exe map and has a nice level of detail.

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Review Date 20 Sep 02
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