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The Review

The starting area.

Hot Blood is a nicely done level by Tobias Münch.  The predominant colour here is red - the level is set in a building constructed with red bricks, and it has hot blood (blood that hurts) flowing through it!

There is a nice touch in the first room itself.  You have wall-mounted lights casting a bright glow in the room, and also on the door in front of you.  The hallway in the next room is where a lot of the action takes place.  Some doors are locked, and they are unlocked as you activate switches in different parts of the level.  Then, you end the level once you get the blue key.

Like Tobias' other map, Toxic Waste Storage Plant, this level is an entertaining one because it's short, it's not too tough, and it looks good.  One thing that particularly caught my attention was the way Tobias made the level look clean and nice without actually using a lot of detailing!  The enemies you face are the Episode 1 enemies only, and there's adequate health and ammunition to get you through.  Difficulty settings are also implemented well.  On skill 1, most of the shotgun guys are gone, so it's a lot easier than skill 4.

The WAD has just the level, no new graphics or music.  So the music is the normal E2M7 song ("Waltz of the Demons").  The level has a more of an Episode 3 feel, because of the red colour everywhere.  But at the same time, it reminds you of playing Tim Willits' E4M5 (because of the blood flowing).

Hot Blood is a nice short and fun map that you'll enjoy playing.

Other Notes

The predominant texture combination used in this level was an inspiration to Pablo Dictter - he used a similar theme while making the secret level of his episode Subversion.  And Pablo is not the only one inspired by the look of this level - I am too!

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Review Date 7 Oct 02
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