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Welcome to the Art Gallery Section of  Drawing has been a hobby of mine for several years now, and I have posted a number of my works here.  The list below is sorted in reverse chronological order — newest artworks first (therefore the last item on this page is the RoboCop drawing I did back in 1994!).  To view the drawings, you can click on either the title or the thumbnail image pertaining to it.  View the pictures, and then post your opinion using the comments feature.

List of Images

Halloween II (2009) Fan Poster — Artwork by KarthikDev.D with Twilight Players — Artwork by KarthikCrank 2: High Voltage — Artwork by KarthikThe Best Movies of 2008 — Artwork by KarthikDeadites! — Artwork by KarthikClassic Movies — Artwork by Karthik8 Movies I Want to See in 2008-09 — Artwork by KarthikThe Incredible Hulk — Artwork by KarthikSerj Tankian — Elect the Dead — Artwork by KarthikJessica Alba — The Eye — Artwork by KarthikDoomsday — Artwork by KarthikBanlieue 13 — Artwork by KarthikPusher Trilogy — Artwork by KarthikNine Inch Nails — Ghosts I-IV — Artwork by KarthikAliens vs Predator: Requiem — Artwork by KarthikFight Club — Snowflake — Artwork by KarthikAnimator — Manipulator of Reality — Artwork by KarthikSouthland Tales — Artwork by KarthikSaw IV — "WTF is on the DVD" — Artwork by KarthikGrindhouse: Planet Terror — Marley Shelton as Dakota Block — Artwork by KarthikGrindhouse: Death Proof — Kurt Russell as Stuntman Mike — Artwork by KarthikGrindhouse — Two Against the World — Artwork by KarthikThe Bourne Ultimatum — Artwork by KarthikMilla Jovovich in "Resident Evil" — Artwork by KarthikJohn Carpenter Tribute — Artwork by KarthikVettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu — Artwork by KarthikEvil Dead II — Master Cylinder Tribute — Artwork by KarthikSivaji — The Boss — Artwork by KarthikFrom Dusk Till Dawn — Artwork by KarthikSaw Trilogy — Artwork by KarthikCrash Test Zombie — Artwork by KarthikOne Way Out (Unused Title Art) — Artwork by KarthikScience Friction (New Year Comic) — Artwork by KarthikGoing Postal — Artwork by KarthikStream of Thought — Artwork by KarthikSmoke (Comic) — Artwork by KarthikSmoke (Cover) — Artwork by KarthikEggs and Mutagen — Artwork by KarthikSticky Alien Goo — Artwork by KarthikRain — Artwork by KarthikHellboy — Artwork by KarthikJungle — Artwork by KarthikCake World — Artwork by KarthikSurya — Artwork by KarthikBetrayal and Redemption — Artwork by KarthikAngela vs Diablo — Artwork by KarthikFight Club — Artwork by KarthikThe Cybertech Incident — Trenchcoat — Artwork by KarthikThe Cybertech Incident — Face — Artwork by KarthikBlade Runner — Artwork by KarthikJennifer Garner — Elektra — Artwork by KarthikSaw — Artwork by KarthikYet Another Predator Drawing — Artwork by KarthikYummy in the Tummy — Artwork by KarthikDark Tales — Doorways... — Artwork by KarthikDark Tales — Outbreak — Artwork by KarthikI, Robot — Artwork by KarthikLittle Chef — Evening Tea — Artwork by KarthikLinkin Park — The Band — Artwork by KarthikThe Restaurant at the End of the Universe — Artwork by KarthikThe Lord of the Rings — Gandalf the Grey — Artwork by KarthikNasty Little Thing — Artwork by KarthikGet the Megasphere! — Artwork by Karthik9 Years of Doom — Artwork by KarthikLinkin Park — Hybrid Theory — Artwork by KarthikOne Doomed Day in the Base — Artwork by KarthikDoom Marine — Artwork by KarthikNelly Furtado — Shit on the Radio — Artwork by KarthikNelly Furtado — Artwork by KarthikSarah Michelle Gellar — Buffy the Vampire Slayer — Artwork by KarthikThe Matrix — Artwork by KarthikThe X-Files: The Cigarette Smoking Man — Artwork by KarthikWesley Snipes — Blade — Artwork by KarthikEvil Dead II — Artwork by KarthikJackie Chan — First Strike — Artwork by KarthikTotal Recall — Artwork by KarthikRoboCop — Artwork by Karthik

A footnote...

Drawing has been a hobby of mine for a long time, therefore there would be quite a variance in the quality of these pieces.  A number of the older works are based on movie posters and such already existing materials, whereas the newer ones are original pieces.  In any case, this is currently not meant to be a professional portfolio.

In the future, I might offer prints of some of these pieces (if I find an economical way of doing so).  If anyone knows how I can work this out, please email me.

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