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Ballpoint pen on paper · 2 Dec 06
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Stream of Thought — Art by Karthik

About this drawing

After reading about the Doodle Association Game, I decided to have a go at it myself, and I did these small doodles during a training session at work.  The idea is very simple, start off with a doodle and then just keep drawing other doodles based on previous ones.

For those of you who are interested, here is an explanation of the various figures (35 in all) in the picture — I looked at a bottle in the room and therefore decided to start with that, and then drew the fist and arm which has a similar shape.  A glove is what would go on the hand of that arm.  I looked at a clock in the room and decided to draw that, but with five hands (like five fingers the glove has).  The clock has a circular shape and so does the eye which comes next, and the DVD which follows.  This DVD is of an action movie, so you have a gun, a bullet, a knife and a sword following that.  The next picture is supposed to be a light saber from Star Wars.  And then there's actually a frame of film (you can consider it a frame that was restored for the Star Wars Special Edition... or maybe a frame extracted from a reel like in Fight Club!).  After this, there's a pencil which is inspired by the shape of the drawings above it.  A pencil is used to write on Post-it notes like in The Machinist, which was directed by Brad Anderson.  Anderson's previous film was Session 9, which featured tape recordings.  The tape looks similar to the one Uma Thurman's character plays in Pulp Fiction, just before she has a drug overdose and has to be revived by an injection of adrenaline.  The next picture is supposed to be the Black Magic Marker used in the scene from the movie.  Then you have the Big Kahuna Burger and the Sprite from earlier in the film, followed by the Gold Watch which is central to the Bruce Willis character, who also smokes Red Apple cigarettesPulp Fiction also involves a briefcase with the combination 666, and the "Bad Motherfucker" wallet of Samuel L Jackson's character.  A wallet is shaped similar to my cellphone, which is essentially what the Communicator from Star Trek: The Next Generation is an evolved form of.  The next image is that of the Starship Enterprise, and this is followed by a USB drive which essentially looks like a spaceship.  A USB drive can store data that eliminates the need for paper, but paper is what novels are printed on.  However, novels can be written on laptops, which can also be used to play computer games, like Doom.  The experience is heightened when playing games with headphones, but not if you have a souped-up speaker system.  That'll also be the right kind of equipment to listen to songs by Nine Inch Nails, especially "Just Like You Imagined".


Date added 4 Dec 06

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