Ink, ballpoint pen, colour pencil and correction fluid pen on paper · 5 Oct 08
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Deadites! — Art by Karthik

About this drawing

I wanted to do a tribute to the Evil Dead trilogy of movies, and make a densely populated mashup drawing featuring images from all three movies.  Unfortunately that didn't work out and I was left with this set of three images only.  Featured are Bruce Campbell as Ash in the centre (this is from the scene in Evil Dead II where Ash goes crazy and starts laughing directly at the camera!), on the left, is the Possessed Ed, also from Evil Dead II, and on the right, is the Possessed Cheryl from The Evil Dead.

This picture was done with various materials — ballpoint pen, colour pencil, a Rotring Isograph pen and a white correction fluid pen.

Date added 2 Nov 08

Comments for this Drawing

7 Dec 08 · 09:51 AM
those skin marks,strands of hair,shades and al so very do u manage to get those so nice :O
nice as always!
13 Feb 15 · 05:39 PM
Spotting a meth addict could possibly be done by noticing telltale signs for example missing teeth, zits and picking in the skin.
15 Feb 15 · 08:02 PM
Great delivery. Outstanding arguments. Keep up the amazing work.
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