Movies List for 2004

Johnny English (2003)seen 1 Jan 04 · 7 out of 10

Seen on CD.  Funny movie with Rowan Atkinson as secret agent Johnny English, who must stop maniacal Frenchman Pascal Sauvage (John Malkovich) from taking over England.

The Usual Suspects (1995)seen 3 Jan 04 · 10 out of 10

Seen on CD.  I had seen this on TV a couple of years back.  But it was only now that I watched this properly - and it was an absolutely terrific thriller!

Paycheck (2003)seen 18 Jan 04 · 7 out of 10

Seen on CD.  A diluted John Woo action/science-fiction movie, based on a story by Philip K. Dick.  It's entertaining and stylish but not excellent.

Ek Hasina Thi (2004)seen 24 Jan 04 · 8 out of 10

Seen at Movie Dome.  A dark thriller from director Sriram Raghavan and producer Ramgopal Varma, with excellent acting from Saif Ali Khan and Urmila Matondkar.

History of the World Part I (1981)seen 2 Feb 04 · 7 out of 10

Seen at The Den.  A Mel Brooks comedy.  Funny.  Sameer's recommendation.

28 Days Later (2003)seen 10 Feb 04 · 7 out of 10

Seen on CD.  A very unusual zombie movie - a horror/drama combination!  Very stylish and very beautifully filmed.  Written by Alex Garland and directed by Danny Boyle.

Biocrisis (2002)seen 11 Feb 04 · 5 out of 10

This one I downloaded (550 MB, DivX clip) from  Directed by Henrik Faltskog and Thom Matsson.  An amateur Swedish zombie movie, it's 33 minutes long.

John Carpenter's Vampires (1997)seen 1 Mar 04 · 7 out of 10

Watched on Video CD*.  Stylish vampire action movie with James Woods as tough vampire slayer Jack Crow, who is pursuing the 600-year old master vampire Valek (Thomas Ian Griffith).

Ab Tak Chhappan (2004)seen 2 Mar 04 · 8 out of 10

Watched on Video CD*.  Nana Patekar plays a cop who heads Mumbai's special police unit, who pursue gangsters with a vengeance.  Excellent crime thriller.

Wishmaster (1997)seen 6 Mar 04 · 7 out of 10

Watched on Video CD*.  Good fun to be had in this horror movie, where an evil Djinn (Andrew Divoff) twists wishes that people make.  He must grant the woman who released him (Tammy Lauren) three wishes - and then the race of Djinn can overtake the Earth.

Ice Age (2002)seen 8 Mar 04 · 9 out of 10

A superbly animated, funny and touching film set during the Ice Age, about a mammoth, a sloth, and a sabretooth tiger who must get a little child to safety!  *A

Halloween: Resurrection (2002)seen 13 Mar 04 · 7 out of 10

Watched on Video CD*.  A group of people are brought together to spend a night in the house of Michael Myers for a webcast, and they start dying.  Good fun.

Payback (2001)seen 31 Mar 04 · 7 out of 10

Porter (Mel Gibson) wants his $70,000 back and he has to go up against some really bad guys to get it.  Stylish movie.  *A

Hellraiser (1987)seen 2 Apr 04 · 8 out of 10

*Came back home after 3rd Term at TAPMI, for MIP*.  Watched on STAR Movies.  Julia (Claire Higgins) and Larry (Andrew Robinson) move into a house, soon Julia finds that her old lover Frank has come back from hell - and is now living on the top floor of the house without any skin!  A very unusual horror movie.  This was the first time I'd watched the entire movie (previously I used to only get to see the last one hour or so).

Shaolin Soccer (2002)seen 3 Apr 04 · 8 out of 10

Watched on STAR Movies.  A former soccer star and a group of brothers who are experts at kung fu form a soccer team.  Imaginative and funny.  Directed by Stephen Chow.

House of 1000 Corpses (2003)seen 3 Apr 04 · 7 out of 10

Written and directed by Rob Zombie, this horror movie is about four youngsters who are searching for the body of serial killer Dr. Satan, and instead find a crazy cannibalistic family.  A pretty disturbing movie!  *A

Sleepstalker: The Sandman's Last Rites (1995)seen 5 Apr 04 · 4 out of 10

Watched on HBO.  A serial killer known as the sandman is executed for killing families.  His last murder just before imprisonment was that of a seven year old's family - seventeen years later he returns to kill off the same boy, who's now a journalist (Jay Underwood).  The movie has an interesting idea (not to mention a very cool sounding title!) but I did not find it scary at all, and unintentionally funny at times.  Directed by Turi Meyer, written by Al Septien & Turi Meyer (who also made Candyman: Day of the Dead).

Special Forces (2002)seen 6 Apr 04 · 7 out of 10

Watched on STAR Movies.  A Special Forces team is sent to a small country (formerly part of Russia), where a crazed dictator is holding an American journalist hostage.  Even if this movie was made for a direct-to-video release, it is well done with some nice action scenes.  There are also some excellently choreographed martial arts sequences!  In all, this is a movie that exceeds expectations!  Directed by Isaac Florentine.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)seen 8 Apr 04 · 10 out of 10

I had waited for three months to see this movie in an actual theatre (as opposed to video CD), and I finally got to see it in Hyderabad.  It was well worth the wait, one of the best movies I have ever seen!

Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988)seen 9 Apr 04 · 7 out of 10

Seen on STAR Movies.  I had seen this a couple of years ago, but watched it properly now.  Although I couldn't understand the point of the movie after a while, it was still an entertaining (and very gory!) horror movie.

Night of the Creeps (1986)seen 10 Apr 04 · 6 out of 10

Seen on HBO.  A 1980s zombie horror-comedy.

Bride of Chucky (1998)seen 10 Apr 04 · 9 out of 10

Seen on CD.  The fourth film in the Child's Play series is more of a dark comedy than a horror movie.  The killer doll Chucky is resurrected by his one time lover Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) who also ends up in a doll's body, and together the two go on a killing spree in an attempt to get to an amulet that can transfer their souls into human bodies.  The movie has some terrific lines and as might be expected, excellent animation effects for the dolls.  From Freddy vs. Jason director Ronny Yu, written by Don Mancini (creator of the Child's Play series).

The Passion of the Christ (2004)seen 15 May 04 · 8 out of 10

Watched at Sangeet Theatre in Hyderabad.  Mel Gibson's painful reconstruction of the last hours of Jesus Christ.

Frailty (2001)seen 20 May 04 · 8 out of 10

Watched on STAR Movies.  Bill Paxton directed this intense thriller about a simple man who believes he has been chosen to get rid of demons - and he convinces his children to kill people.  Very unusual movie, very well made.

Into the Deep (IMAX 3D) (2003)seen 23 May 04 · 7 out of 10

I am not sure if this thing should be entered here, as it's not a movie as such.  Anyway, the experience of watching a 3D movie in IMAX format was great, but the movie itself wasn't that exciting.

The Prophecy II: The Ascension (2001)seen 28 May 04 · 7 out of 10

Christopher Walken as the fallen angel Gabriel is after a woman who bears the child of Danyael.  A different kind of horror-thriller.  I think the first movie was better though.

Bad Boys II (2003)seen 31 May 04 · 9 out of 10

Watched on Video CD.  Bigger and badder than the original, this is a terrific (if a bit overlong) action movie that gets better every time I see it!  Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back to capture a drug dealer who's bringing in large amounts of Ecstasy into Miami.

Wild Things (1998)seen 3 Jun 04 · 9 out of 10

Excellent twisty thriller which starts off with teacher Matt Dillon being accused of rape - and then the fun starts.  This extremely fun mystery has deception after deception and is very beautifully filmed.  Oh and this was a censored version on STAR Movies, so the nudity was cut out.

Scream 3 (2000)seen 4 Jun 04 · 9 out of 10

Watched on Video CD.  This movie is as good as the others in the Scream trilogy.  On the set of "Stab 3", the Ghostface killer appears and starts killing people... which is another mystery to solve for the regular Scream characters.

The Day After Tomorrow (2004)seen 6 Jun 04 · 8 out of 10

Although many people felt this movie was bad, I actually liked it.  Very similar in structure to the director's earlier Independence Day, with a big impending disaster that happens and then wipes out a huge part of the world.

American History X (1998)seen 8 Jun 04 · 9 out of 10

Edward Norton is a skinhead who goes to prison, and gets out later a changed man - only to find that his younger brother is also following the same path.  Dramatic movie with excellent acting. *A

Hellraiser: Hellseeker (2001)seen 20 Jun 04 · 7 out of 10

The sixth Hellraiser movie, a direct-to-video release, was quite good, with Trevor (Dean Winters) experiencing delusions and alternate realities after an accident.  The problem I had with the movie was basically that there were only a few "Hellraiser" elements - and that too they seemed tossed in just so that this could be called a sequel.

Kakha Kakha (2003)seen 7 Aug 04 · 9 out of 10

Watched on VCD, thanks to Santosh.  I enjoyed this police thriller, it was not only technically excellent, but also had great music, and was very involving.

The Village (2004)seen 9 Aug 04 · 8 out of 10

Watched at The Den.  The print (of the CD) was not that great.  Anyway this movie is as unusual as you'd expect, set in older times in an isolated village with strange creatures around the woods.  Shyamalan is a crazy crazy man.  How does he manage to come up with these twists?  The movie is creepy and very nicely filmed!

Psycho (1960)seen 14 Aug 04 · 9 out of 10

Alfred Hitchcock's original!  I had seen the 1998 remake before, but this was the first time I watched the original film.  It was absolutely excellent and very tense and creepy!

Kill Bill Vol. 2 (2004)seen 18 Aug 04 · 10 out of 10

Watched on Video CD.  This movie was very different from the first and just as brilliant - perhaps even better!  It focuses more on emotions than action and it excellently rounds off the story.

Wasabi (2001)seen 21 Aug 04 · 7 out of 10

A French action/drama/comedy starring Jean Reno as a cop who goes to Japan to find out why his wife disappeared for 19 years and then ended up dead.  Written by Luc Besson, directed by Gérard Krawczyk.  Pretty entertaining, very stylish.

Alien vs. Predator (2004)seen 25 Aug 04 · 7 out of 10

Seen at Movie Dome.  This was a pretty good movie with Aliens and Predators battling it out in a pyramid 2000 feet below Antarctica - with a group of humans caught in between.  Definitely not as good as the originals though.

Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle (2004)seen 26 Aug 04 · 7 out of 10

Seen on VCD.  From the director of Dude, Where's My Car, this is probably an even crazier movie, about Harold and Kumar, two roomies, who drive out one night in search of White Castle burgers.

I, Robot (2004)seen 29 Aug 04 · 8 out of 10

Watched on Video CD*.  This was a very nicely made action/science fiction/thriller with an intriguing mystery as well.  Will Smith is good in his role as the paranoid detective Del Spooner investigating a murder possibly committed by a robot in 2035 Chicago.  From the director of the amazing Dark City.

The Ninth Gate (1999)seen 4 Sep 04 · 7 out of 10

Watched on Video CD.  A very absorbing Satanic thriller/mystery, with beautiful atmosphere.  The ending is too vague though.

Hellboy (2004)seen 6 Sep 04 · 8 out of 10

Watched on CD.  Seen on 6 Sep., 1:30 AM to 3:30 AM.  Imaginative movie with Ron Perlman perfectly cast as Hellboy, who must prevent Rasputin and his forces of evil from taking over the world.  Great fun!

Kung Pow: Enter the Fist (2001)seen 11 Sep 04 · 7 out of 10

Watched on CD.  Steve Oedekerk wrote, directed and stars in this movie about "The Chosen One", who is being followed by Master Pain.  Now there is not much sense to this movie but it is very funny.  Oedekerk is the man behind Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)seen 16 Sep 04 · 7 out of 10

Watched finally, on CD!  This movie was not as good as the first, as Paul Anderson gave the first one a more slick and professional feel overall.  However, this second installment provides plenty of action and twists in the story.  I can't wait for Resident Evil: Afterlife now!

The Bourne Identity (2002)seen 2 Oct 04 · 8 out of 10

Watched on VCD couriered from home.  Stylish fast paced thriller with Matt Damon on the run from assassins.

Dhoom (2004)seen 19 Oct 04 · 8 out of 10

Very stylish and flashy action movie about a cop (Abhishek Bachchan) after a gang of thieves who use fast bikes to make quick getaways.  Lots of well-executed stunts and big action scenes in this very entertaining movie!

Vaastu Shaastra (2004)seen 23 Oct 04 · 7 out of 10

Watched at The Den.  Perhaps a bit overlong, but otherwise very well-done horror movie, with good acting and effects.

L.A. Confidential (1997)seen 23 Oct 04 · 9 out of 10

Excellent crime thriller with superb acting from Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce and Kevin Spacey!

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999)seen 24 Oct 04 · 9 out of 10

Watched at a special sponsor show at Movie Dome, Manipal.  Finally, finally I got to see the entire movie, and it was terrific fun!

The Recruit (2003)seen 30 Oct 04 · 8 out of 10

Fast paced and well acted movie about a CIA recruit (Colin Farrell) who is asked to track a mole within the organisation.  Seen on VCD, thanks to Kuldeep, between 3-5 AM this morning.

Exorcist: The Beginning (2004)seen 1 Nov 04 · 8 out of 10

Watched this morning, between 12 AM and 2 AM.  Good movie, made one feel uneasy throughout, with a good amount of gore and horror.  Stellan Skarsgård gave a very good performance as Father Lancaster Merrin, who encounters the demon Pazuzu for the first time in 1949.

Blade Runner (Director's Cut) (1992)seen 8 Nov 04 · 9 out of 10

Superb science fiction movie starring Harrison Ford as a Blade Runner, who must track down rogue Replicants who have escaped and come to Earth.  Very unconventional and deep story, based on the book "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" by Philip K. Dick.  I had earlier seen the theatrical 1982 version on TV, but this Director's Cut edition is superior.  The CD I watched it on was a very good version and it had English subtitles as well!

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