Movies List for 2006

The Myth (2006)seen 2 Jan 06 · 4 out of 10

I was simply bored by this movie, with Jackie Chan playing two roles, a modern-day explorer and an old Chinese warrior, in a set of intersecting plotlines.

Mystic River (2004)seen 2 Jan 06 · 10 out of 10

A depressing tale about the murder of a man's daughter — and the effect it has upon him and his friends.

American Psycho (2000)seen 5 Jan 06 · 7 out of 10

Christian Bale plays a successful businessman who may also be a psycho.

Man on Fire (2004)seen 6 Jan 06 · 8 out of 10

Stylish thriller from director Tony Scott has Denzel Washington exacting revenge on the killers of a young girl he was hired to protect.  Watched a good version of the film this time, compared to the earlier VCD edition which lacked subtitles!

Donnie Darko: The Director's Cut (2004)seen 7 Jan 06 · 10 out of 10

By the time I watched this version of the film I'd already read about the concepts behind it.  Anyway, the director's cut clarifies several things about the plot of this very unique SF film.

eXistenZ (1999)seen 8 Jan 06 · 7 out of 10

A videogame designer gets caught in the artificial reality of one of her games.  Of course, as this is a Cronenberg movie, it is brimming with unusual imagination.

Zinda (2006)seen 14 Jan 06 · 7 out of 10

A carbon copy of Oldboy, this is still an entertaining thriller with some changes made for an Indian audience.  Sanjay Dutt is good in the title role, and the film is nicely photographed.

Office Space (1999)seen 22 Jan 06 · 8 out of 10

Entertaining comedy about a group of IT engineers who are faced with layoffs at work.  Cult movie that is deserving of its status.

Waking Life (2001)seen 29 Jan 06 · 7 out of 10

Philosophical movie from writer director Richard Linklater employs rotoscoping to create animation.  It's essentially a series of dialogues about dreaming, and is worth watching for the unusual visuals.  Linklater would go on to use a more refined rotoscoping technique for 2006's A Scanner Darkly.

The Batman vs Dracula (2006)seen 5 Feb 06 · 7 out of 10

Interesting animated feature about Dracula surfacing in Gotham City.

Night Watch (Nochnoi Dozor) (2004)seen 6 Feb 06 · 8 out of 10

An SF-fantasy movie from Russia, the first part of a trilogy detailing the ongoing war between the forces of good and evil, both sides being kept in check by the Night Watch and the Day Watch.  Prophecy says a powerful "other" will rise and will join the dark side, which Anton Gorodetsky (Konstantin Khabensky) must prevent.  Fantastic imagination and visuals here.

Scary Movie (2000)seen 6 Feb 06 · 6 out of 10

Parody of Scream and other films has a lot of gross-out jokes, not all of them funny.

Clerks. (1994)seen 6 Feb 06 · 8 out of 10

Cult movie that made a star out of writer director Kevin Smith, about Dante and Randal, two store clerks.  Very good.

From Hell (2001)seen 8 Feb 06 · 7 out of 10

Johnny Depp is an inspector investigating the Jack the Ripper killings in 1888.  Gory horror-thriller.

The Girl Next Door (2004)seen 11 Feb 06 · 8 out of 10

Entertaining comedy-drama about a young college student who discovers his extremely attractive neighbour is also a porn star.

High Tension (Haute Tension) (2003)seen 12 Feb 06 · 7 out of 10

Two college girls are menaced by an obese ugly killer.  Graphic violence present in this gripping thriller from director Alexandre Aja.  This was the English dubbed version I watched.

Narc (2002)seen 13 Feb 06 · 7 out of 10

Realistic and gritty cop thriller from Joe Carnahan is about two DEA agents trying to solve a murder.  I need to watch this again.

Bubba Ho-Tep (2002)seen 15 Feb 06 · 8 out of 10

Excellent performance from Bruce Campbell as an aging Elvis in an old-age home menaced by an undead soul-sucking mummy.  Good mix of comedy and sentimental drama, very nicely done.  Based on short story by Joe R Lansdale and adapted by Don Coscarelli.  Great music score too.

Species (1995)seen 19 Feb 06 · 6 out of 10

Unintentionally funny at times, this SF-action movie is about an alien-human hybrid (Natasha Henstridge) who wants to mate, with a group of scientists and FBI agents hot on her trail.

Species II (1998)seen 20 Feb 06 · 6 out of 10

Needless sequel about a man who returns from a space mission infected with alien DNA.  OK SF-action movie.

Species III (2004)seen 22 Feb 06 · 6 out of 10

Direct-to-video sequel, yet another alien-human hybrid (this time played by Sunny Mabrey), the daughter of the original Eve.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: Dream Master (1988)seen 23 Feb 06 · 6 out of 10

Freddy returns to kill off the characters from Part 3 and a young mute girl could hold the key to killing him for good.  Renny Harlin directed this one.

Timecop (1994)seen 26 Feb 06 · 7 out of 10

Pretty nice action thriller (better than I expected) about Jean-Claude Van Damme as an officer who travels across timelines monitoring the use of timetravel technology.

James (2003)seen 11 Mar 06 · 6 out of 10

Another one from The Factory, this one is about a young man James (Mohit Ahlawat) arriving in Mumbai and getting into trouble with gangsters.  OK action movie.

House of the Dead (2003)seen 12 Mar 06 · 5 out of 10

Silly action movie about a group of people facing the undead on an island.

From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money (1999)seen 23 Mar 06 · 6 out of 10

Watched this recorded on tape from STAR Movies in Hyderabad.  Cartoonish movie about the cops facing off against a group of bank robbers turned vampires.  Directed by Scott Spiegel (Evil Dead II co-writer).

Nosferatu (1922)seen 24 Mar 06 · 6 out of 10

Watched this one on a low-quality copy downloaded from The Internet Archive.  Early (very early!) adaptation of Dracula.

Doom (2005)seen 27 Mar 06 · 6 out of 10

After watching a crappy camera print earlier, this one was the Indian VCD version (which is actually the unrated cut of the film) I saw.  More enjoyable, though the quality of the movie didn't improve that much!

The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)seen 28 Mar 06 · 8 out of 10

Scary horror movie/courtroom drama with a priest accused of neglect in dealing with a girl who died after being supposedly possessed by a demon (the charges against him are that the girl's problems were medical and not spiritual).  Flashbacks about Emily's possession are quite scary.

Taxi Driver (1976)seen 30 Mar 06 · 8 out of 10

Extremely well acted movie from Martin Scorsese about cab driver Robert De Niro slowly losing his grip on sanity.  Fed up with all the scum on the streets, he takes matters into his own hands and defends a young prostitute (Jodie Foster).

Bluffmaster (2005)seen 1 Apr 06 · 8 out of 10

This movie was much better than expected!  Abhishek Bachchan is a conman who finds out he is dying, and as redemption, decides to plan a scam to end all scams, and bring down a gangster.

Fight Club (2006)seen 2 Apr 06 · 3 out of 10

No, not the David Fincher movie, this is a brainless college movie about a group of friends who create a "fight club" where college people can settle scores, and then they get involved with some gangsters.  Clocking in at almost 3 hours this is a boring movie, with the filmmakers apparently making up things as they went along.  Total crap.

Primer (2004)seen 4 Apr 06 · 8 out of 10

A group of engineers build a time travel device in their garage, and then a number of different timelines emerge.  A very low-budget independent film, this one was interesting to watch, but it was so complex that it simply went over my head.

Nowhere to Run (1993)seen 6 Apr 06 · 7 out of 10

Pretty good actioner about a drifter (Van Damme) who arrives in a town and helps out landowner Rosanna Arquette save her land from being taken over by a ruthless corporate lord.

V for Vendetta (2006)seen 15 Apr 06 · 9 out of 10

Saw this on an IMAX screen.  Excellent movie.

Hostel (2005)seen 15 Apr 06 · 7 out of 10

A group of college guys end up in a hostel in Bratislava and become victims of a mysterious underground syndicate that allows rich people to torture others for a price.  Very graphic violence, some of it is quite difficult to watch.

Final Destination 2 (2003)seen 17 Apr 06 · 7 out of 10

A girl (A J Cook) has a premonition that saves a group of people from a nasty road accident, but then death comes after them one by one and kills them in elaborate ways.  Repetition of the first movie but interesting.  Directed by David R Ellis.

Final Destination 3 (2006)seen 18 Apr 06 · 5 out of 10

Watched on camera print.  Rehash of the plot has a girl (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) having a premonition about her friends dying in an accident on a rollercoaster in an amusement park, and prevents it, thereby causing death to come after them and kill them in creative ways.

Scary Movie 4 (2006)seen 22 Apr 06 · 6 out of 10

The posters made this look a lot funnier than it was.  Spoofs of Saw, The Village, The Grudge and War of the Worlds here, with practically no discernible plot.  The visual effects were good however.  Seen on cam/TS print.

Darna Zaroori Hai (2006)seen 30 Apr 06 · 8 out of 10

Watched at Sathyam Cinemas.  Excellent sequel to Darna Mana Hai, technically better than the first.  Stories weren't as good as in the first one, but it's very entertaining overall, so who's complaining?

A History of Violence (2005)seen 1 May 06 · 8 out of 10

Extremely well-acted drama.

Ice Age 2 (2006)seen 7 May 06 · 7 out of 10

Watched in theatre.  At this time of writing (2007-04-21) I don't remember anything about the story, but it was quite enjoyable.

My Wife's Murder (2005)seen 8 May 06 · 7 out of 10

Anil Kapoor stars as a middle-class man whose wife accidentally is killed — he must then figure out a way to keep the incident a secret.  Of course the police are hot on his trail.  Interesting thriller.

Taxi No 9211 (2006)seen 11 May 06 · 8 out of 10

John Abraham and Nana Patekar star in this comedy-thriller about the "war" that erupts between a rich man and a cab driver!  Very well done.

Tathastu (2006)seen 15 May 06 · 6 out of 10

Sanjay Dutt stars as a man who takes hostages in a hospital when they don't agree to treat his son's heart condition due to insufficient insurance.  I didn't think it was very good, and later found that it is a lift from John Q starring Denzel Washington.

Chocolate (2005)seen 20 May 06 · 6 out of 10

A group of Indians living overseas are suspected of a crime and it is up to lawyer Anil Kapoor to defend them.  As he interrogates the prime suspects, a conspiracy involving a crime lord comes to light.  Overlong and draggy so-called mystery that evolves into a rip-off of The Usual Suspects by the end.

Pudhupettai (2006)seen 28 May 06 · 7 out of 10

Realistic depiction of life on the streets, as a young man is abandoned by his parents and falls into company with gangsters.

The Boondock Saints (1994)seen 28 May 06 · 7 out of 10

Entertaining action movie with two "vigilante" brothers fighting crime and being tracked down by agent Willem Dafoe.

Last Action Hero (1993)seen 2 Jun 06 · 7 out of 10

A young boy gets a magic ticket that transports him into a Schwarzenegger action movie.  Nice fantasy-action movie.

Starship Troopers (1997)seen 3 Jun 06 · 8 out of 10

Exciting SF/war hybrid with soldiers battling an insect-like species bent upon decimating the human population.  Plenty of gore and splatter thanks to director Paul Verhoeven.

No Entry (2006)seen 3 Jun 06 · 6 out of 10

Comedy featuring Anil Kapoor and Fardeen Khan and the different ladies they get involved with.

Wrong Turn (2002)seen 4 Jun 06 · 8 out of 10

A group of campers run into a clan of inbred mutants in the West Virginia woods.  Quite intense and gory.

Aeon Flux (2005)seen 11 Jun 06 · 8 out of 10

Visually beautiful SF movie with Charlize Theron as the title character sent in to assassinate the ruler of the Monican society, only to uncover that there is more to the society than meets the eye.

The Aristocrats (2005)seen 15 Jun 06 · 7 out of 10

A documentary with several famous comedians giving an insight into, and telling their versions of, the Aristocrats joke.

Running Scared (2006)seen 16 Jun 06 · 9 out of 10

Supercharged crime-thriller with a small-time mobster wanting to dispose of a tainted gun, who runs into all kinds of trouble.

Session 9 (2001)seen 17 Jun 06 · 8 out of 10

A group of asbestos-cleaners are sent in to renovate Danvers State Hospital and begin losing their minds.  A parallel plot concerns the nine recorded psychiatric sessions of a severely disturbed patient of the hospital, which we hear through the movie.  Very creepy movie from director Brad Anderson (The Machinist).

Hollow Man II (2006)seen 18 Jun 06 · 6 out of 10

An invisible supersolider created as a result of a government experiment is running loose on the streets, and a detective must bring him in.  Direct-to-DVD sequel is an OK effort.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)seen 18 Jun 06 · 8 out of 10

A small-time crook is mistaken for an actor when he arrives in Hollywood, and becomes involved in a murder mystery.  Shane Black wrote and directed this very entertaining movie.

Secret Window (2004)seen 20 Jun 06 · 7 out of 10

Johnny Depp stars as writer Morton Rainey, who lives alone in his house in the woods — one day a mysterious stranger shows up and accuses him of plagiarism, and then people start dying.  Well-acted thriller.

Ultimate Avengers (2006)seen 24 Jun 06 · 7 out of 10

Marvel Comics's entry into animated features with this direct-to-DVD release featuring the title team against an alien menace.  Well-done, though not as edgy as it could have been.

Shaun of the Dead (2004)seen 25 Jun 06 · 8 out of 10

A romantic comedy with zombies!  Shaun is a 29-year old "loser" who has the opportunity to become a hero and save his girl when the London population slowly start turning into zombies.

Gremlins (1986)seen 25 Jun 06 · 7 out of 10

An inventor buys a cute "mogwai" for his son with strict instructions not to expose it to bright light, not to feed it after midnight and not to get it wet.  All these things happen and the cute creatures turn into not-so-cute monsters.

Videodrome (1986)seen 27 Jun 06 · 8 out of 10

Cable operator Max Renn (James Woods) stumbles upon a pirate broadcast of a snuff channel called Videodrome, and upon investigation finds a cult who are attempting mind-control through video.  SF-horror movie from director David Cronenberg is effectively disgusting, very imaginative and unlike anything else you are likely to see.

Sympathy for Mr Vengeance (2001)seen 1 Jul 06 · 6 out of 10

Depressing revenge drama from director Chanwook Park (Oldboy), about a deaf-mute who gets involved in a kidnapping scheme in order to pay for medical treatment for his very sick sister.  Nothing goes right and instead a chain of brutal acts of revenge begins.

Belly of the Beast (2003)seen 2 Jul 06 · 4 out of 10

Nonsensical action film set in Thailand, with Steven Seagal as an ex-agent who must rescue his kidnapped daughter from a corrupt army.  Martial arts and mysticism are mixed in randomly with no purpose.  Some of the action scenes look good, that is the only redeeming factor.

Superman Returns (2006)seen 9 Jul 06 · 6 out of 10

Big-budget movie featuring Superman's return to Earth and battle against Lex Luthor is well directed and acted, but it didn't make an impression on me for some reason.

Inside Man (2006)seen 9 Jul 06 · 8 out of 10

Clive Owen is the mastermind behind an unusual bank robbery and Denzel Washington is the cop on the outside, who must figure it all out.  Interesting thriller.

Mad Max (1979)seen 12 Jul 06 · 6 out of 10

Futuristic action movie with Mel Gibson as a cop, Max, who becomes a vigilante after his loved ones are menaced by a biker gang.

The Hills Have Eyes (2006)seen 13 Jul 06 · 7 out of 10

Alexandre Aja's remake of the Wes Craven movie features a band of cannibal mutants menacing a vacationing family whose vehicle has broken down in the desert.  Extremely gruesome.  I watched the unrated edition.

The Devil's Rejects (2005)seen 16 Jul 06 · 8 out of 10

Rob Zombie's sequel to his House of 1000 Corpses is a violent and gritty chase movie, with the Firefly family on the run from a cop who wants to avenge his dead brother.  This was the unrated DVD version I watched.

The Faculty (1998)seen 16 Jul 06 · 9 out of 10

The students of a highschool begin to suspect that the faculty are being taken over by aliens — and must take action before a full-scale invasion.  Excellent movie from writer Kevin Williamson and director Robert Rodriguez, with a terrific cast.

Collateral (2004)seen 17 Jul 06 · 8 out of 10

Jamie Foxx is a cab driver who picks up a passenger one night, only to find out that he is an assassin who has five targets that night.  Well-done thriller from director Michael Mann.

Johnny Mnemonic (1995)seen 18 Jul 06 · 7 out of 10

Cyberpunk action movie with Keanu Reeves as a courier who is carrying a dangerously excessive amount of data in his head, which the Yakuza will do anything to get.  He must get to his destination and get the data downloaded before he dies or the data is rendered useless.  OK adaptation of a William Gibson story.

District B13 (2004)seen 19 Jul 06 · 9 out of 10

Superfast-paced action movie with fantastic stunts, set in 2010 crime-ridden Paris.  When a nuclear weapon falls into the wrong hands, it is up to an undercover cop and a former B13 inhabitant to get it back in 24 hours.  I watched the English dubbed version.

Transporter 2 (2005)seen 23 Jul 06 · 5 out of 10

Jason Statham reprises his role as the transporter in this sequel, which finds him as the bodyguard and caretaker for the child of a top-ranking government official.  When the child is kidnapped, Statham must get him back.  Unfortunately the film turns too cartoonish at several places, and that detracts from the experience inspite of stylish action scenes.

Strange Days (1995)seen 23 Jul 06 · 8 out of 10

December 1999 — ex-cop Lenny Nero (Ralph Fiennes) uncovers a murder and a conspiracy through selling underground black-market recorded memories.  Well-done thriller/SF from writer James Cameron and director Kathryn Bigelow.

A Scanner Darkly (2006)seen 24 Jul 06 · 8 out of 10

In the future, America has lost the war on drugs, and the use of Substance D — which causes people to develop split personalities — is rampant.  A cop is trying to track down the leader of a drug ring through surveillance, unaware that both of them are the same person, and that he is gradually losing his grip on reality.  Quite depressing.

MirrorMask (2005)seen 28 Jul 06 · 8 out of 10

Fantasy movie from writer Neil Gaiman and director Dave McKean, with a young girl trapped in an otherworldly realm, who must find the "MirrorMask" to return to reality.

Primal Fear (1996)seen 29 Jul 06 · 7 out of 10

Altar boy Edward Norton is the prime suspect in the case of a priest's murder — Richard Gere is the lawyer who defends him.

From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter (2000)seen 30 Jul 06 · 7 out of 10

For a direct-to-video release this movie looks quite good and is an interesting concept — it's similar in structure to the first film, however its 19th century/western setting distinguishes it.

From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money (1998)seen 30 Jul 06 · 7 out of 10

This was the uncensored version.  Cartoonish splatter movie follows a group of robbers who hold up a bank, only problem being that they're becoming vampires one by one.  Attempts to imitate the first film in style, but this direct-to-video film doesn't compare.  It definitely is very entertaining though.

Re-Animator (1985)seen 31 Jul 06 · 8 out of 10

Pretty faithful to the H. P. Lovecraft story, this adaptation by Stuart Gordon however lays on the gore and splatter thick — it's very entertaining!

Cronos (1993)seen 2 Aug 06 · 7 out of 10

A very different kind of vampire film from director Guillermo del Toro.

El Mariachi (1992)seen 11 Aug 06 · 7 out of 10

Robert Rodriguez's first film is energetic and fun, very stylish!

Silent Hill (2006)seen 12 Aug 06 · 8 out of 10

Atmospheric, creepy horror movie with an amazing music score!  One of the best videogame adaptations ever.

Being Cyrus (2006)seen 15 Aug 06 · 8 out of 10

Well made dark-comedy/thriller... When an enigmatic stranger, Cyrus (Saif Ali Khan) enters the household of the Sethnas, a twisted chain of events is set into motion.

Slither (2006)seen 19 Aug 06 · 7 out of 10

Entertaining splatter/horror-comedy from writer/director James Gunn.

Snakes on a Plane (2006)seen 25 Aug 06 · 7 out of 10

Entertaining thriller from director David Ellis, with Samuel L. Jackson as an FBI agent on a plane with tourists, a witness and 400 poisonous snakes!  Well done.

Re-cycle (2006)seen 2 Sep 06 · 8 out of 10

A female novelist finds herself trapped in an alternate reality which is a place for the abandoned and the unwanted; and must find a way to return to her own reality.  This feature from the Pang Brothers has beyond amazing visuals, great concept and execution.  Being a horror movie it is also quite scary.

Lucky Number Slevin (2006)seen 20 Sep 06 · 8 out of 10

Twisty, darkly comic crime thriller with Slevin (Josh Hartnett) being mistaken for a guy who owes debts to rival crime bosses.  Lots of fun.

Underworld (2003)seen 24 Sep 06 · 8 out of 10

It's about a centuries-old feud between vampires and werewolves, and I was pleasantly surprised at this movie's well developed and complex screenplay!  Needless to mention, the action scenes and the style also are big plus points.

Underworld: Evolution (2006)seen 24 Sep 06 · 8 out of 10

Sequel to Underworld picks up where the first film left off, bigger and badder in terms of action and gore, but the story was a bit of a letdown.

Mission: Impossible III (2006)seen 27 Sep 06 · 8 out of 10

Super-fast-paced, exciting spy thriller from director J J Abrams.  Philip Seymour Hoffman as the evil Owen Davian is outstanding!

Karam (2005)seen 30 Sep 06 · 7 out of 10

Stylish thriller with John Abraham as an assassin who wants to quit the business, but gets himself and his wife caught up in a war between his boss and rival gangsters.

Escape from New York (1981)seen 1 Oct 06 · 7 out of 10

In the future world of 1997, New York is a high-security prison only inhabited by the worst of criminals, and when Air Force One crashes within the city, it is up to Snake Plissken to go in and rescue the President within 24 hours.

Crank (2006)seen 3 Oct 06 · 7 out of 10

Exciting, charged action thriller with Jason Statham as an assassin who is injected with a deadly poison — his heart will stop in about an hour unless he keeps his adrenaline level high!

The Dead Next Door (Remastered Edition) (1988)seen 7 Oct 06 · 7 out of 10

Director J R Bookwalter's ultra-low budget zombie movie about a small group of soldiers facing off against zombies spawned by a virus.

X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)seen 9 Oct 06 · 8 out of 10

Exciting last (?) film in the X-Men series — when a cure is discovered for the mutant gene, tensions escalate into a full-scale war.

Lage Raho Munnabhai (2006)seen 13 Oct 06 · 8 out of 10

Very likeable comedy with Munnabhai (Sanjay Dutt) "meeting" Mahatma Gandhi and getting inspired by his teachings.

Hard Candy (2006)seen 14 Oct 06 · 8 out of 10

Well photographed, excellently acted drama/thriller about a pedophile bringing a 14-year old girl to his house... things don't turn out as expected though!

The Skeleton Key (2005)seen 15 Oct 06 · 7 out of 10

Interesting voodoo horror about a woman coming to a New Orleans house to take care of an elderly man who has suffered a stroke — and slowly realising that all is not right, and voodoo may be involved here.

Thinner (1996)seen 28 Oct 06 · 7 out of 10

Interesting film about a lawyer who is cursed by a gypsy to become thinner... and thinner... and thinner...

The Da Vinci Code (Extended Version) (2006)seen 29 Oct 06 · 8 out of 10

Well, finally got to see this movie and that too, in its extended 174 min. cut.  I found it to be very closely adapted from the book, and an interesting thriller.

Rest Stop (Unrated) (2006)seen 1 Nov 06 · 6 out of 10

Interesting thriller about a young woman menaced by a psycho driver at a rest stop.

Renaissance (2006)seen 5 Nov 06 · 8 out of 10

An SF-noir mystey with a cop trying to find a kidnapped geneticist in Paris 2054.  Superbly stylised animated movie with a good storyline and some breathtaking sequences.

Pan's Labyrinth (2006)seen 8 Nov 06 · 8 out of 10

Fantasy story about a girl who moves to a mountain area in Spain, 1944, and discovers that she may be a princess of a mystical land.

Hellboy: Sword of Storms (2006)seen 11 Nov 06 · 7 out of 10

The first in the Hellboy Animated series, this TV feature is about a Japanese professor who gets possessed by the demons of Thunder and Lightning, and plans to bring about the end of the world; unless Hellboy (who is trapped in another dimension) can put some spirits to rest peacefully.  Second half contains some exciting "huge" action sequences.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)seen 12 Nov 06 · 8 out of 10

Been wanting to see this for a long time.  Excellent adventure film has Admiral Kirk assuming command of the Enterprise once again, and facing off against an old foe — the superhuman Khan, who wants revenge for his 15-year exile.

Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu (2006)seen 14 Nov 06 · 8 out of 10

Stylish police thriller with cop Kamal Haasan tracking down a pair of serial killers.

Versus (2000)seen 18 Nov 06 · 7 out of 10

Hyperkinetic, stylised action/horror movie about the hero and the villain fighting it out in the Forest of Resurrection, with the requisite gangsters and undead zombies around!  Ryuhei Kitamura's cult hit is very entertaining but the storyline and its development is a bit of a disappointment.

Troy (2004)seen 23 Nov 06 · 8 out of 10

Big-budget retelling of Homer's Illiad by director Wolfgang Petersen.  The best aspects of the film were the acting and characterisations of the two leads — Brad Pitt as Achilles and Eric Bana as Prince Hector.

Masters of Horror: "Imprint" (2006)seen 24 Nov 06 · 7 out of 10

The first film from Takashi Miike that I'm seeing.  Well photographed, well designed and well told story about a man who arrives at a whorehouse in Japan and meets a disfigured woman who tells him her story and what happened to the woman he loved.  I found some scenes extremely difficult to watch.

Masters of Horror: "Incident on and off a Mountain Road" (2005)seen 26 Nov 06 · 6 out of 10

Directed by Don Coscarelli and based on Joe R Lansdale's short story, this episode is about a woman who is stranded on a mountain road at night, being stalked by a vampiric creature.  While the film did provide a decent amount of tension, the story and resolution wasn't so satisfying.

Masters of Horror: "Dreams in the Witch House" (2005)seen 26 Nov 06 · 8 out of 10

An adaptation of the H P Lovecraft story by Dennis Paoli and Stuart Gordon, with a Miskatonic University graduate student moving into a run-down house, only to encounter strange dreams with witches and other odd happenings.  An effective episode with an engaging storyline.

Dhoom 2 (2006)seen 26 Nov 06 · 8 out of 10

Stylish, entertaining action-adventure.  The stunts and action scenes are bigger and better than the original, though story-wise it was less satisfactory.

The Punisher (2004)seen 28 Nov 06 · 6 out of 10

Good action movie based on the Marvel Comics character, however, I thought it was a bit too cartoonish in nature, which took away some of the impact.

Masters of Horror: "John Carpenter's Cigarette Burns" (2006)seen 29 Nov 06 · 7 out of 10

A film collector hires a man to find him a copy of "La Fin Absolue De Monde", a movie that causes madness.  Shades of The Ring, The Ninth Gate and Carpenter's own In the Mouth of Madness can be found in this creepy story.

Masters of Horror: "Dance of the Dead" (2005)seen 30 Nov 06 · 6 out of 10

Tobe Hooper's bleak post-WW3 story about a girl who falls into the company of two junkies and ends up discovering the secret of the Doom Room, a popular nightclub.  More SF than horror, but unsettling and depressing all the same.

Masters of Horror: "Jenifer" (2005)seen 1 Dec 06 · 6 out of 10

Creepy and sometimes disgusting shocker from Dario Argento about a man who rescues a disfigured girl from a deranged killer, but lets her too deep into his own life.  Nudity, sex, gore aplenty in this episode.

The Name of the Rose (1986)seen 9 Dec 06 · 8 out of 10

Beautifully photographed and well-acted murder mystery set in 1327 in an abbey.  Entertaining thriller based on Umberto Eco's novel.

The Departed (2006)seen 10 Dec 06 · 10 out of 10

Watched at PVR Cinemas in The Forum mall at Bangalore.  Fantastic movie with an amazing starcast, brilliant performances and tense sequences.  Gangsters and cops face off against each other with a mole in each group trying to track down the other!

The Descent (2005)seen 16 Dec 06 · 8 out of 10

Six women go on a cave expedition and things go terribly wrong, as they face danger from not only the natural environment, but also the "crawlers" — underground dwellers in the caves.

The Hunt for Red October (1990)seen 16 Dec 06 · 9 out of 10

Hunt indeed!  John McTiernan's crackling suspense thriller is about Soviet submarine Captain Marko Raimus (Sean Connery) commandeering the stealth sub Red October.  He may be planning to defect to the United States... on the other hand, it could also be his intention to start a nuclear war.  It's up to CIA operative Jack Ryan (Alec Baldwin) to figure out his true intentions.  Excellent.

Saw III (2006)seen 18 Dec 06 · 8 out of 10

Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) is on his death bed, and Dr. Lynn Denlon (Bahar Soomekh) must keep him alive, so that he can complete one last "game" of his, involving Jeff (Angus McFayden), a man who had lost his son in a hit-and-run accident.  More twisted scenarios in this sequel, that is also notable for tying together both the previous films wonderfully.

The Italian Job (2003)seen 19 Dec 06 · 8 out of 10

Entertaining heist movie with a gang of professional criminals out for payback against one of their former colleagues who betrayed them.  The plan is to steal back a huge amount of gold from him.

Don (1978) (1978)seen 23 Dec 06 · 7 out of 10

Entertaining thriller with great music starring Amitabh Bachchan as ruthless gangster Don.  When Don is killed in an encounter with the police, the police substitute Vijay, a lookalike, as an informant within Don's gang.

Don (2006) (2006)seen 25 Dec 06 · 8 out of 10

Farhan Akhtar's remake of the 1978 film follows the overall same structure... but then he has a few twists up his sleeve.  Well done, polished film with a great music score and good action scenes.  Watched between 4 AM and 7 AM.

Casino Royale (2006)seen 30 Dec 06 · 8 out of 10

Stylish, well acted Bond movie, about a high-stakes poker game.  Daniel Craig excels as the new Bond.

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Dark Fate 2 — a Doom II map by Karthik Abhiram

Dark Fate 2 is a singleplayer level for Doom II, replacing MAP01.  It's a small-sized hellish level — and there's a walkthrough video as well.

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27-year old Taurean (birthday 15-May-82), Assistant Manager - HR at Tata Consultancy Services Ltd in Hyderabad, India.  Previously, did Post Graduate Diploma in Management from T A Pai Management Institute (2003-05) and before that, Computer Science Engineering from Sree Nidhi Institute of Science and Technology (1999-2003).

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