Scream 2

1997 · Miramax/Dimension Films
Scream 2 — Movie Review by Karthik
9 out of 10
Directing Credits
Wes Craven
Writing Credits
Written by Kevin Williamson
Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Liev Schrieber, Jerry O'Connell, Elise Neal, Laurie Metcalf, Jamie Kennedy, Sarah Michelle Gellar

The Review

It is now two years after the events in the first Scream movie.  Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) and her friends (well, atleast those who survived the Woodsboro murders) are now studying in a film school.  A movie based on their lives, Stab, has been made, based on reporter Gale Weathers's (Courteney Cox) book.  Sidney and the others are trying now to get on with their lives, but it seems someone is determined to make a "real-life" sequel to Stab!  This someone is a copycat killer, who dresses up in that familiar Grim Reaper-like "Ghostface" costume, and goes around slashing people.  This much, you have already made out from watching the movie's trailer.  But since this is a mystery, it would be a bad thing to reveal too much about the movie, so I won't.

Many of the characters from the original movie return here, and a few new characters are introduced.  Basically, this movie is more of the same.  And when that "same" involves good writing, acting and directing, "more of the same" is definitely a good thing.  Again, the movie in-jokes and references are back, the best one being a line that goes something like "Someone wants to make a sequel?  Why would they want to do that?  Sequels suck!!".  Well, this sequel definitely does not suck, and while some reviews say this movie is a bit inferior to the original, I enjoyed it just as much.  In fact, I'd lean towards actually liking this movie a bit more than the original!

Nothing really more to say, this is just a well-done movie on all counts that delivered what I was expecting, and I thought it did come up with inventive scare scenes, different from the original.  I also thought the music (again by Marco Beltrami) was more effective here.  But I can't figure out though, why they used the theme from Broken Arrow as "Dewey's Theme" here!  But it sounds great (one of my all-time favourite film scores is from that movie) so who's complaining?  Sarah Michelle Gellar has just two scenes, but they're both memorable.  I also liked the song "She Said" by Collective Soul, that plays during the end credits." Overall, a highly recommended movie!

Although it is not absolutely necessary, I would definitely advise you to watch the first movie before you see this.  In fact if you can, see them both back to back - it's more fun that way!

Other Notes

According to the Internet Movie Database, the scenes of the movie-within-a-movie, Stab, were directed by Robert Rodriguez (he's the one who made terrific movies like Desperado and From Dusk Till Dawn)!

More Details

Running Time: 120 minutes | Country: US | Genre: Mystery/Horror/Thriller

Ratings Info

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Review Date 30 Nov 02
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