Bye Windows, Hello Ubuntu

Tuesday · 18 Dec 07 · 01:49 PM IST | Posted by Karthik | Category: Tech

I no longer have Windows on my laptop.  I've switched to Ubuntu Linux as the primary OS on my computer, as on Sunday.  Here's what my desktop looks like, now —

Ubuntu 6.06, Edgy Eft

To make a long story short, I did this over the weekend because of hard disk problems (and the fact that Windows wouldn't boot), and it is thanks to Ubuntu that data loss was negligible in this case.  More details to follow, in an upcoming post, which will cover why I switched operating systems, and also will have tips on recovering data from a non-booting hard disk.

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19 Dec 07 · 10:03 AM
Comment by user Pablo
hey, i had fedora 8 installed yesterday, and cant say i got around that well. i downloaded the drivers for the video card, but i couldn't get it to work. :(

i guess linux is not for me. too many commands one has to type, feels like DOS, except with graphics.

i have heard of ubuntu, but never really red about it. dunno how its compared to fedora, but if its easier to move around, then i could give it a try. i'm always curious to try out operative systems :)
19 Dec 07 · 10:09 PM
Comment by user Karthik
I've not used Fedora myself so don't know how it compares with Ubuntu. The best thing with Ubuntu though, is that you needn't install it to give it a try -- you can simply run the thing from the CD itself.

How to get the CD? You can download yourself a copy from the site (there's even a torrent for it) and write that stuff on a CD, otherwise get the CDs from the company itself. It seems they will ship the CDs to you free of cost.
20 Dec 07 · 01:32 AM
Comment by user Pablo
will download the cd then and give it a try :)
26 Dec 07 · 12:09 AM
Hey Karthik,
Welcome to the world of Linux dude! Its nice to hear when people adopt Linux over Windows..If you spare some time out, do check this blog of mine. It is specified in the URL
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