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Monday · 7 Jan 08 · 01:45 AM IST | Posted by Karthik | Category: Movies

The next movie-related post over here will be my picks for the Best Movies of 2007.  But, before that, here are some other movie-related updates —

Movies Watched Recently

  • Go — No, not the Doug Liman movie, this one is from Ram Gopal Varma's production house and is about a couple (played by Gautham and Nisha Kothari) who elope and get involved with some corrupt government officials and corrupt cops.  This sat unreleased for many months and later got a brief theatrical release, and I watched it on DVD.  The movie is quite bad and there isn't any reason to recommend it though it kind of picks up some steam in the second half.  The songs are utterly unmemorable.  I wasted Rs 199 in buying this DVD.
  • Taare Zameen Par — Had I watched this in December 2007, it would have been part of my Best Movies of 2007 list.  Now I guess it'll go to the Best Movies I saw in 2008, as I watched this on Jan 1.  An extraordinary film from director Aamir Khan, featuring him as a teacher who helps a dyslexic eight year old boy cope with life in a boarding school.  It's extremely well acted and photographed, and I loved the songs too.  They really outdid themselves with this movie, no wonder it's on the IMDb Top 250 (I believe it's the first Bollywood movie to make it there).
  • Eastern Promises — Another unique film from director David Cronenberg about a nurse (Naomi Watts) who delivers the child of a teenage girl.  The girl dies during childbirth, but the nurse finds a diary on her, which contains secrets concerning a very powerful Russian mafia family.  Viggo Mortensen's performance is excellent.
  • No Smoking — Never thought I would see a Hindi movie like this!  Anurag Kashyap wrote and directed this awesome movie with John Abraham as K, a guy who is addicted to smoking.  When his wife threatens to leave him, he pays a visit to Baba Bengali's Prayogshala, which is supposed to cure one of any addiction.  Soon, K's reality is turned upside down and a very surreal movie ensues.  I can't say I understood the point Kashyap was trying to make (and what happens ultimately to K), but this is a very well made and extremely entertaining movie.  Three articles on this movie you could read: a review, Anurag Kashyap's write-up on his movie, and three interpretations of the movie (contains spoilers, so don't read if you haven't seen the movie).  I would suggest going into the movie without reading much about it, that way you'll have a lot more fun.

Yesterday, I went out and bought a bunch of movies on DVD and VCD (No Smoking was one of those DVDs I got).  Here is a list —

  • Chak De! India (2 Disc), No Smoking, Manorama Six Feet Under and 3 Deewarein were the DVDs I got.
  • On VCD I got this old horror movie called Purana Mandir (yes!) and Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag (I know everyone said the movie was very bad so I bought it out of curiosity, besides, VCD was Rs 38 only).
  • Then, I bought a bunch of these VCDs released by Moser Baer — Ticker, Slayground, The Dead Hate the Living, Shriek, Curse of the Puppet Master, The Creeps and The Punisher (the 1989 one).  All these are on a single VCD, and some of these movies are more than 90 minutes long, so they are probably using a lower audio bitrate or something to fit those onto one VCD.

According to the reviews of Aliens vs Predator: Requiem, the movie is quite bad.  Which is a sad thing, since the trailer made it look like it was going to right all that was wrong with the original Alien vs Predator!  I was eagerly looking forward to watching that movie after the trailer, now I still want to see it, out of curiosity.  Finally, have you guys seen the trailer for Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay?  You can have a look at it on the official site itself.  It is amazing stuff.  It looks like this movie is going to be nothing short of awesome.

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10 Jan 08 · 06:12 AM
I would recommend watching the requiem movie :)
While it cannot be compared with either the alien or the predator movies and the acting/direction is pathetic, it does give you 2 hours or so of mindless butchering entertainment; fun way to spend time :D

I think its best to go watch it without any kind of expectation. The only drag was most of the movie happens during night and even with the big screen and the CGI, things weren't that clear
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