Watch me draw "Fight Club" on YouTube

Wednesday · 16 Jan 08 · 04:27 PM IST | Posted by Karthik | Category: Art

A new drawing has been added to the site.  And to accompany that, there is a video that has been uploaded on YouTube.  The video shows me drawing this picture!

Karthik Drawing Fight Club on YouTube

You can click the above image, or here to go to the YouTube page and watch the video.  Once you've done that, click here to see the complete drawing.  Comments welcome!

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19 Jan 08 · 11:20 PM
Sir, great one.
20 Jan 08 · 12:27 PM
20 Jan 08 · 09:21 PM
Comment by user Karthik
Karteek and Rajeev, thank you :)
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