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Monday · 16 Jun 08 · 03:16 AM IST | Posted by Karthik | Category: Movies

You might be wondering why the updates have slowed down on the site — campus recruitment season has started at work and I'd been out of town at times, also there were a few things that made work very hectic in recent days.  Anyway, apart from watching The Happening, I watched a bunch of other stuff recently.  Here's a brief list —

  • The Andromeda Strain — Not the 1971 Robert Wise movie (which I haven't seen), this is a 2008 made-for-TV adaptation of the Michael Crichton book.  After a shuttle crashes in the town of Piedmont, the entire population of the town is killed, apparently by a lethal airborne bacteria coded the "Andromeda Strain".  A team of scientists must race against time in a secret underground facility to figure out what Andromeda is and how to stop it.  The movie was underwhelming.  I guess it wasn't so bad taken by itself, but they added a lot of stuff that wasn't there in the book (government intrigue, wormholes, time travel, etc) and not all of it was a positive contribution.  7/10.
  • Be Kind Rewind — Mike and Jerry work in the Be Kind Rewind video store and are asked to mind it when the boss is out of town.  Mike's head gets magnetised and he ends up erasing all the tapes in the video store.  The two then decide to reshoot the movies — and their "sweded" movies become popular among the townsfolk.  Interesting comedy from director Michel Gondry.  7/10.
  • Mallrats — Snootch to the Nootch!  Kevin Smith movie about two guys who get dumped by their girlfriends and hang out in a mall.  Various quirky things happen.  A whole lot of fun.  8/10.
  • The Onion Movie — A collection of various comedy sketches, not all of them work, but overall it's easy to watch and quite fun.  I especially enjoyed Steven Seagal's appearance as "Cockpuncher"!  7/10.
  • Urban Justice — Coincidentally, a Steven Seagal movie!  This is one of his direct-to-DVD releases, but surprisingly it's quite a decent film.  Seagal stars as Simon Ballister, a man who moves into a neighbourhood populated by two tough gangs and takes them on himself, in an effort to find the people who killed his son.  6/10.
  • The Man From Earth — Prof John Oldman invites a few of his friends over as he's leaving town, and then tells them that he's 14,000 years old.  Is he telling the truth, or is he insane?  Extraordinary movie.  9/10.
  • wΔz — How much torture would you go through before you kill a loved one?  That's the question this movie asks, it's a decent thriller in the mold of the Saw films.  7/10.
  • Meet the Spartans — Plotless spoof of 300 and numerous other popular movies.  An OK movie, nothing special.  5/10.

Also got to see Trancers II and Trancers 3, and a movie called Suspension (all 6/10).

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16 Jun 08 · 12:38 PM
Comment by user Varun
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull -- Pointless writing about it. 4/10.

You forgot to add that to the list ;)
16 Jun 08 · 10:36 PM
Comment by user Karthik
Heh, heh... I didn't forget, because I haven't watched that movie yet! YOUR review is good though :)
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