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Thursday · 6 Nov 03 · 03:45 PM IST | Posted by Karthik | Category: General

Once again, here I am after about a one-month gap!  The Second Term here at TAPMI is halfway through, the Mid Term Exams got over just yesterday.  My friend Guru tells me that there are 44 days left for this term to get over completely - after which I will be going for the Outbound Programme, and then I'll get to visit home again!  Well, here are the updates, week-wise as has become the norm for this kind of thing -

  • Sat-Sat, 4-11 Oct: Well, after Homecoming 2003 got over, an important event took place on 6th at 6:30 PM - my computer got fixed!  I'd had a problem with my display - it was stuck at 640x480x16 and wouldn't change!  But on 6th I called some service people and they fixed it.  So the next day, Ramakrishna, Jayesh and me watched Pulp Fiction!  That Monday, I also played the Stock Market Game at Indiabulls.  My brother Varun also created a new theme for my site, about which there is another post.  On 10th, STAR Movies showed John Woo's A Better Tomorrow and I got to see it once again!  11th was my mother's birthday.
  • Sun-Sun, 12-19 Oct: I bought three blank floppies on Sunday morning, using which I was able to transfer some Linkin Park images, Doom Builder v0.09 (there's much to say about this, in another post), ZDoom 2.0.47i, and Tobias Münch's test map with Doom Builder, to my computer.  Well, on 14th, I watched Hannibal (for the second time) on HBO.  18th was again important because I got to see the complete uncensored version of Fight Club, after which I watched Star Trek Nemesis.  On 19th I downloaded posters of The Matrix Revolutions.
  • Mon-Mon, 20-27 Oct: More The Matrix Revolutions downloads: got a PDF comic, the trailer and more posters from the site.  Transferred them all to my computer using floppies (except the 14 MB trailer of course, which I've never seen with sound on).  I also got to see the new Placement Brochure of our institute and took part in the Prelims of the TechFest Quiz.  On 21st, Guru, Ramakrishna and myself took part in the "Quiz in the Dark" organised by the HR Forum at our institute.  And surprise, we won the finals!  I am going to get Rs. 300 for this (hopefully soon)!  On 23rd I tried out using Doom Builder, on 25th we had a Diwali party, after which I chatted with my friend Ganeshan (who is in Kansas now) after a very long time.  Watched Identity on 26th, and worked on some ASP on 27th.  I also took an online test to determine my personality type according to the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) after studying about it in my Organisational Behaviour course.  The MBTI puts you into one of 16 possible personality types, based on the dimensions given by Carl Jung (1924).  I am an ISTJ (Introverted Sensing Thinking Judging).
  • Tue-Wed, 28 Oct-5 Nov: TAPMI's site was redesigned sometime ago, and the new site came online on 28th.  The address is of course  On 30th, I got to see a movie that I'd been waiting to see for a very long time - Kill Bill Vol. 1, the fourth film from Quentin Tarantino!  Over the next couple of days I worked on some Doom maps, and then the Mid Term Exams started on 3rd.  On 3rd it was Operations Research and Management Accounting, on 4th we had Financial Management, Written Analysis & Communication 2 and Macroeconomics.  And yesterday, it was Production and Operations Management, Organisational Behaviour and Marketing Fundamentals, after which Ramakrishna and me watched THREE movies - Scary Movie 3, Ring (note the absence of "The" in the title - this is the Japanese original) and The Firm.

I have got more things to say in the next few posts...

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