Predator: Hunter's Moon Drawing and other news

Tuesday · 5 Oct 04 · 11:27 AM IST | Posted by Karthik | Category: Art

My latest drawing is called Predator: Hunter's Moon and features two Predators fighting, with a huge moon in the background.  It started as a pencil sketch in my notebook, done in yesterday's IABS class, and then later on, I inked it, scanned it and then touched it up a bit in the computer.  For those of you who got it by email, here is a little bit of trivia: do you know what the symbols in the drawing (typed in the Predator symbol font) stand for?  They spell "Yautja", which is the name of the Predator species.  My Predator movie review is here, by the way.

On October 2nd and 3rd we had Homecoming 2004, where TAPMI's Alumni from various batches came down for a couple of days.  I got to meet Arun Ravindran and took his help in reviving "Quicksand", the game that he wrote last year (in PHP and MySQL) for the CCG.  Who better to ask doubts than the creator himself?

On 2nd night, I watched The Bourne Identity.  Stylish, fast-paced movie.  (The CD was in the package which I got from home).

As you may tell from the recent fascination of mine with Aliens and Predators, I have also been doing quite a bit of research on the Yautja and the Aliens (xenomorphs).  Last night I also watched some part of Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth. (in the Systems Lab)

Varun started his Engineering course yesterday, and he and my parents watched Alien vs. Predator in the theatre on Sunday.

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