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Sunday · 10 Oct 04 · 12:32 AM IST | Posted by Karthik | Category: General

I brought my computer back to my room yesterday.  And once I connected everything, it did not work.  This time it refuses to detect the keyboard — something that it was doing perfectly fine at the shop.  I'm suspecting it's a power problem or something, and I guess it is something minor.  Anyway I will call someone on Monday and have them take a look at it.  I had 128 MB of RAM in the computer, and it seems one of the RAM sticks had gone bad.  Since I anyway had to buy a stick of RAM, I bought 128 instead of 64, bringing the total to 192 MB of RAM.  That is pretty cool.

Today was a busy day, and so will tomorrow be.  Classes are scattered throughout the day, and they end at around 8 PM only.  But these classes are really good so I am not finding it a problem.  Also, there are really only three places I can be found in at college — in class, in the canteen, or in the Systems Lab.  As long as I get my intermittent spurts in these places, things are OK!

Recently, I downloaded the "Red Band" (i.e., R-rated) trailer for Seed of Chucky, and several others.  Also saw posters for Blade: Trinity (very cool, movie is written and directed by David Goyer, should be a lot of fun), Elektra, and director James Wan's upcoming horror film Saw (as in the thing you use to cut something with), which I am really anxious to see.  From what I hear, this is a pretty disturbing and very effectively done horror movie.  And that is indicated by the two posters I got as well — one shows a bloody severed hand, and the other a leg!!  They are pretty disturbing themselves, so they probably won't be put up in too many places!

Today, before Prof. Y.K. Shriram's Performance Management class, I read Batman and Dracula: Red Rain, and found it to be absolutely terrific.  It is written by Doug Moench, pencilled by Kelley Jones, inked by Malcolm Jones III, coloured by Les Dorscheid and lettered by Todd Klein.  I thought the artwork was, in one word, beautiful — I loved the look of the entire thing, the numerous scenes in shadows, and especially the way the artists rendered Batman's cape.  In some scenes, the cape "flows" so beautifully.  If the artwork was terrific, so is the story and the writing — I loved the way they gradually built up the story to its ending.  It's all subtle but still makes a lot of impact.  Superb.  Coincidentally, towards the end of the PFMT class, a bat flew into the room!

Mansi told me about this site called Tetsoo, and I downloaded a couple of videos and some wallpapers from there.  I don't know the background of the owner, but this portfolio of his is certainly very artistic and very impressive!!

I got The Frighteners yesterday!

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