April 2001 News


Mon 30.04.01 News

Progress on my level - 30/04 20:35

It's coming along fine!  Yesterday I spent about 4 hours on it, and I like the look.  See the Pic of the Moment - this green and similar brown textures are what I've primarily used.  I still haven't thought of a name for it yet.

The Missing Scene/Subversion - 30/04 20:25

Some time back I had written a review for The Missing Scene by Pablo Dictter - but recently the map has been removed from the author's homepage.  This is because he is creating two more levels, adding it to the existing three, which will be a new episode called Subversion.  The reason I'm mentioning it here is because I will be reviewing that map as soon as he releases it.

Also I got Pablo's new deathmatch WAD called Blue Death.  I played this with ZDoom's bots (settings: 4 players, weapons stay, items respawn) and I had fun.  What makes this different from other DM WADs I've seen is that it has a distinct Wolfenstein feel, with Robert Prince's Zero Hour as the music replacement.  Enjoyable map.

Fun Stuff Page opens - 30/04 20:20

I've added a Fun Stuff Page to this site, which will feature cartoons, drawings, jokes, and other such things about Doom.  To open the section, I have firstly, a short write-up on a reference to Doom on the 8 Dec. 2000 episode of Goodness Gracious Me on STAR World.  And then I have another page which is a spoof of the game show Kaun Banega Crorepati!  See the poor cacodemon's plight...

Sat 28.04.01 News

Hosted at NewDoom.com - 29/04 00:30

My Doom site is now hosted at NewDoom.com at this address - http://www.newdoom.com/karthik!!  I'm really happy to have my site put up here, and I'm looking forward to making more maps, writing more reviews, and putting up lots of interesting Doom stuff for everyone to see.  I'll keep updating this site regularly, so visit it often.  Update your bookmarks - everything related to Doom is now here, not at the older place.  I've had to make some changes to the site - firstly, I gave all my pages an .shtml extension and adjusted the links accordingly.  I also adjusted all the download links.  I also have a new email address now - karthik@newdoom.com.  Mail me with questions/comments/suggestions on the new site!

The graphic at the bottom of the main page that says "Hosted by NewDoom.com" was created specially for me by my brother Varun.

Fri 27.04.01 News

Reviews - 27/04 20:15

I've been busy with college the past few days, but I found the time to sneak in a couple of WAD Reviews.  I did a review for The UAC Corporation by Martin Friberg and Christopher Sund, and today, a review of Pablo Dictter's The Missing Scene.  They're at my WAD Reviews Page.

I was very happy when NewDoom.com offered to host my site.  I have not yet updated my site online because I am waiting for the info on how exactly to set up my site on their server.  I have made a number of changes to the site - I updated all the links that were pointing to files on my earlier site, and I will soon be removing all the Doom stuff from my earlier place.

Mon 23.04.01 News

Doom Stuff - 23/04 23:38

News related to Doom -

Songs I am listening to currently - 23/04 23:27

These MP3s and MIDIs are what are on my playlist currently, and I have Winamp playing these almost all the time - whether I'm playing Doom, mapping, or working on my site.

Sat 21.04.01 News

My counter is approaching 2000 visitors!
If you happen to be the 2000th visitor, please send me a screenshot.

Doom Posters - 21/04 16:14

At the doom.wrong.button.com site there are some terrific images in the /doompics directory.  After reading about this at Newdoom.com I went there immediately and downloaded them all.  There are JPG scans of four Doom novel covers, and a huge 1 MB-plus JPEG of the Ultimate Doom Poster.  The size of this is 2711x4093 pixels, and when I saved it as a bitmap it came to 31.7 MB.  These pictures are from Peter Heinemann, and can be found at the following address - ftp://doom:doom@ pics (from Peter Heinemann)/.

From a post on Newdoom.com I also went to Pablo Dictter's site and got a WAD of his called The Missing Scene.  This was really a nice WAD with 4 levels, and I should write a review for this soon.

My holidays - 21/04 16:08

At college our holidays were supposed to start on April 27.  And I was really waiting for them to start.  Then there was a rumour a few days ago that classes were going to be extended for one more week - something which I was hoping was only a rumour.  Unfortunately holidays have been postponed, now they will start only on May 6!  This is obviously something I wasn't too happy about, because I have my Sem B Module Test I (Linux/C++/CGI) at NIIT on May 3.  I also have lots of reviews to write (both movie reviews and WAD reviews).  And I was also waiting to get started on my new Doom I level, which will be done in Knee-Deep in the Dead style.  Plus I've got many screenplays to read.  Now I can't wait for May 6 to get here!

Tue 17.04.01 News

Doom Battleground Wallpaper - 17/04 22:00

Varun made a great Doom Wallpaper today - it is called Doom Battleground and it has monsters and marines fighting it out!  It's a high quality 1024 x 768 image that looks great on your desktop.  You can get it from the Wallpapers Page.

Demo of Chaos Punch - 17/04 13:25

Thanks to Opulent for sending me a demo of Chaos Punch yesterday.  He did this one in Tyson (using only the berserk fist even to kill the Barons of Hell at the end), completing the level in 4:18.  See my Doom Pages to get the level and to download the demo.

I also got a mail from Brad Spencer about my review of his Atomic Tomb.  I liked that level a lot, which is why I gave it a 10/10 rating.  I played it again yesterday after coming home from the gym.

Sun 15.04.01 News

Atomic Tomb review - 15/04 16:25

At my WAD Review pages I added a review for Atomic Tomb by Brad Spencer.  This is one of the best maps I've ever downloaded, with great lighting and so much attention to detail.  Read the review at my Doom Pages.

Chaos Punch completed and available for download - 15/04 15:10

I finally finished my level Chaos Punch for Doom E2M1 and you can download it from my WADs Page.  I spent about 15 hours totally on it, spread over a period of 10 days.  Like my earlier one this is a Doom I - style level.  Get it from my Doom Pages.

Sat 14.04.01 News

Ick demo by Albert Valls - 15/04 01:45

On 11 April, I got another demo of Ick, this time from Albert Valls, which he did for the Doomed Speed Demos Archive.  This is a really terrific demo played in 3:38 with -fast monsters.  There's a great part in the demo featuring a Cacodemon/Baron of Hell fight!

Varun's Anomaly II - 15/04 00:30

The Anomaly: Part II by Varun is a two-level set for Ultimate Doom, which he has been working on for quite some time.  Now that his exams have finished, he has been doing a lot of work on it in the past few days, and it is possible that he might release it in a little over a week from now.

The long time this is taking is because Varun spends a lot of time in building the area and choosing textures, and planning on the monster/ammo placement (something he is very good at).  He spends hours on just one room, making sure everything is right and that the enemies behave exactly the way he wants them to.  So today I got to see some new areas he made for level 2.  All the work he has been doing on these levels is simply excellent.  And it keeps getting better and better.  The levels start out with a tech style, then turn demonic in E2 style, gradually blending into an E4-type look (the new areas).  I'm just waiting for him to finish his levels.  They will be great fun to play and to look at.

Mockery - 14/04 23:23

I downloaded Mockery (a Doom II map created by Scott Cover a.k.a. Covaro) on 12th.  Yesterday Varun and me did demos of this map, and we've sent these along to Opulent for the Doomed Speed Demos Archive.  My demos of course can be also downloaded from my Doom Pages, and Varun will post his on his site soon.  I also wrote a review for Mockery - you can read it on my WAD Review Pages.

Wed 11.04.01 News

Progress on Chaos Punch - 12/04 00:07

Ganeshan played ICK yesterday, and he says he liked my level.  I really should ask him to write some sort of comment on it so that I can put it on the site.  And coming to the progress on Chaos Punch - it's nearing completion.  I've already finished building the main areas, and for those, the monster/ammo/thing placement and difficulty settings are also done.  Now all I have to do is to come up with an interesting end to the level, and then I can release it.  I'll have holidays on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so let's see if I can finish it by then.

Another Doom seminar - 11/04 23:57

Our new IEEE chapter at college has it's first session tomorrow, and there I will be presenting my paper on 3D Games: Doom - A Case Study for the second time!  I enjoyed presenting it last time at the ISTE Paper Presentation Contest (March 28), and I hope I will tomorrow as well.  This time it will be longer, and more informal, so I suppose I can explain map editing in more detail :).  This is something I enjoy doing (making maps I mean), and this time I'll get to mention my Doom site too, and talk about my level ICK.  Rajeev and Kiran are also giving their Finger Scan and Hand Scan Technology talk again.

Sat 07.04.01 News

Chaos Punch and a Nightmare demo of Ick - 07/04 23:37

05/04 - In the morning I went to the gym, I've got used to it by now and it's fun.  In the evening I went to NIIT.  I spent 4 hours in the afternoon and another three at night working on my new Doom level, Chaos Punch.  It's called that because in it you will mostly have to use the berserk fist.  Initially I wanted it to be a small level just to improve my berserk skills, but it's become more than that now.  I will try to finish it within the next few days and then release it.  I also got another mail from Opulent of the Doomed Speed Demos Archive, this time he sent me a Nightmare run of my level Ick in just 2 mins. 30 secs.

Wed 04.04.01 News

100% Demo of ICK, and other Doom stuff - 04/04 21:10

Yesterday Opulent (of the Doom Speed Demos Archive at http://www.doomworld.com/sda/doom_sda.htm) sent me a pretty perfect demo of ICK (100% kills/secrets/items) on Ultraviolence, in just 2 mins. 57 secs.  You can download this from my Doom WADs Page.  Thanks to Opulent for taking the time to do the demos.

I also fixed a faulty link on my LMPs page, now that demo of Malcolm Sailor's Quick is Good is linked properly.

I didn't know that Hissy had been freed some days ago (it seems Linguica gave it to Carnevil), so I guess putting the icon on my site is out.  But there will be a Free Hissy Foundation, sometime soon, and it's for a good cause, so I should support it :).

I was really happy about Opulent doing the demos since ICK is my first released WAD.  Doomworld also mentioned my site on their news, and I think I got about 40 hits that day to the site.  Well, that was why I didn't write the Round Robin program for OS lab today, although I did come up with some sort of algorithm that makes some sense (but doesn't work properly).  I also uploaded ICK to CDROM.COM, and I found out that you're actually supposed to upload to ftp://ftp.cdrom.com/pub/idgames/incoming after which it will be transferred by Ty Halderman (the maintainer) to /newstuff.

Mon 02.04.01 News

Doom Pages update - 02/04 13:44

My Doom Pages have been updated with some new stuff.  There is now a Links Page, and pages about Doom in general, and where to get Doom.  I've listed the names of some shops that sell Doom here.  Besides that I am now planning to join the Free Hissy Campaign, so I will add that button to the site in a short while.

Sun 01.04.01 News

WAD Reviews added - 01/04 15:20

At my Doom Pages I've added two WAD reviews.  The first one is of a 1996 level by Mike Reed called The Villa of Pain, which was the first add-on level I ever played.  Another level which I wrote about is a Doom map called Marble Maze, by Scott Earnest.  I also got Entryway 1.2 and I will be writing a review for that soon.