July 2001 News


Sun 12 Aug 2001 News

New Review, and an update finally - 13/08 01:52

"Real life" kept me busy all this time, but I'm back now and you will be seeing more updates soon.  Well, let's get on to what has been happening all this time...

I did a review of Simon Broadhead's new map Hell's Arena (you might have read about this in today's Doomworld /newstuff Chronicles).  This is a cool map that was fun to play.  It's been a while since I did a review, so this came at the right time.  The review is here.

I made a number of changes to my Download Pages.  Now, all my WADs are properly linked, and so are my demos and Desktop Themes/Winamp Skins.  All the links should work now, because they point to their Mindless Games Files Section locations - where all my stuff is.

The Pic of the Moment has been changed to show you an area from my map First Gate which is E4M1 in The 9th Gate.