December 2001


Mon 17 Dec 2001 News

Knee-Deep in the Skins - 17/12 12:43

Well, maybe not exactly Knee-Deep, but I do have FIVE new Winamp Skins for you to download.  They are all on the Downloads Page where you can look at preview images before you download them.  The five skins are -

They've been uploaded to the FTP space that Grimlock provided us long ago (I'm using it for the first time).  These skins in my opinion are far better than the older one that was there on the page all this time.

The 9th Gate News - 17/12 12:14

Some news on the progress of The 9th Gate - Pablo has left the team since he finished all his maps.  Damian is working on E4M4 and music.  Tobias sent some screens of his in-progress E4M2, and they looked great.  There was one in particular that I really liked - a shot with something that looked like cages suspended high in the sky.  I can't wait to play that map.  Joel Murdoch is also very busy with his coding work for the other projects he's working on, so he said he won't be able to test our maps full time.

Now I'm going to have to get to work seriously on E4M3.

Varun's Break from Doom - 17/12 12:09

I'm writing this on Varun's behalf because his site at Doom Center is down currently.  Varun is very busy nowadays with school.  He is in his final year of school so exams are very important.  He will be having continuous sets of exams from now until the finals, which will be sometime in March.  And there will be, say, just one week or so between each set of exams for him to study.  So until then, he won't be able to do anything related to Doom (including his demos, work for The 9th Gate).

Knee-Deep in the Updates - 17/12 11:25

Finally!  I finished another semester at college!  And this time I did well in all the exams except one (Operations Research).  I never like to estimate how many marks I'm going to get in an exam - but for that last one I'd put it anywhere between 60% - 75%.  That's disappointing... anyway, I was very happy with how I did in the other exams.

Enough of that, now for the update.  This update is going to be long.  But that is of course, usual when I don't update for a long time!  Here is all the Doom related news from me, since the last update.  Didn't have time to do that much Dooming, as you can see.

I've also been listening to a number of MP3s composed by Pablo Dictter.  I really like them a lot.  I have six songs of his - Gloterus Tuterus Manarus, Nestrarra, The End, Getting High, Son of a Funk, and One Night.  I asked Pablo whether he had any objection if I linked his MP3 page, and he said he didn't, so here is the link to Pablo's MP3s Page.