March 2001 News


Sat 31.03.01 News

CDROM.COM's back - 01/04 00:58

I just heard the good news at Doomworld - is back online.  It's been quite a while now, and I was missing downloading Doom/Doom II levels!  Now what I am going to do is to finish writing this update, upload my files, and then proceed to download Entryway 1.2 by John Pallai (I remember playing this a year ago), Hell Revealed, and other WADs I haven't been able to download until now.

New Doom Site!! - 31/03 23:59

Ever since has been online, you've been reading a lot about Doom.  The Doom Pages I had written before have now become part of a new site, which I have been intending to make for many months.  Today I decided to make it a part of my main site, and it's finally online.  Some sections of it don't have much content now, but that will change soon as I gradually put up more stuff on it.  For now, the main highlights are -

Watch for more material coming soon.  The address is

ICK Completed - 31/03 23:55

My Doom level that I was working on was completed yesterday.  Today I fixed a minor bug in it and made a slight modification in the ammo distribution, and put music in it, and it's now ready for you to download.  I decided to call this one ICK.  It has been uploaded along with other things, on my new Doom site.