May 2001 News


Mon 28.05.01 News

What's New - 29/05 00:31

Two more reviews for you to read!  The first one is a Doom II map, Entryway 1.2 by Joe Pallai.  I had mentioned I'd do a review of his level quite a long time back, but I forgot about it - my mistake.  I also reviewed Pablo Dictter's Warehouse.  All that is, as usual, on my WAD Reviews Page.

The latest Doomworld /newstuff Chronicles has a write-up about my brother Varun's level The Anomaly Part II.  That map is really nice!  There are also quality levels from Pablo Dictter this time (including the one I reviewed).  And the results of the first Doomworld Speedmapping contest came out in the form of a "Lava City" themed WAD with 13 levels - they were good stuff considering the authors had only 100 minutes to build their maps!  My favourite was the incredible MAP10 whose author was unfortunately not mentioned in the text file.  Joe Pallai's entry was MAP05, a pretty cool level that was not too tough.

Thu 24.05.01 News

Reviews and a Grim Fate - 24/05 15:47

Not one, but three reviews for you to read this time.  Two of Tobias Münch's maps - Toxic Waste Storage Plant and Hot Blood which I had fun playing.  And then there's a review of the excellent Malcolm Sailor map Chord3.  All that and more is at the WAD Reviews Page.

I also started making a new level which I'm calling A Grim Fate (I looked up the meaning of Doom in the dictionary, and this is what I got).  This is for Ultimate Doom E3M1, and hopefully I'll actually finish it!  I had another level that I was making, but I decided to drop that.  A Grim Fate has better lighting than my other levels, because of that lighting chart I put up earlier.  I've changed the Pic of the Moment to show you a shot from this level.

Sat 19.05.01 News

Light up your level! - 19/05 16:20

I started building a level today, and I wanted to get a smooth lighting effect (I had some mounted lights on a wall and I wanted to create an effect of light being given out by them).  I had three sectors for gradually increasing light - but the light levels were a difficult thing to choose.  I read Matt Fell's Unofficial Doom Specs for information on this and found out that 32 different light levels can be used, represented by 0-7, 8-15, ... , 248-255.  I wanted a complete list of these numbers, but I didn't want to actually calculate them myself.  So I wrote a C++ program to generate this information, as a proper HTML page!  This has been added to the Doom Info page of mine, so if you're interested, take a look.

Fri 18.05.01 News

New stuff - 18/05 23:35

I was busy with my NIIT classes the past few days (I'm doing a C++/CGI course, and I had to complete some programs to submit tomorrow), and since I've been literally spending hours at a stretch there, I couldn't update the site.  But today, I made some additions to the site - there's a wallpaper based on the new Doom game on the Wallpapers Page.  I'm also enjoying playing Varun's level The Anomaly Part II, so today I did a demo of it (Skill 1, 4:35) which I added to my collection of Demos.  And I also wrote a review of that WAD.  As you can see I've made a slight change to the look of the site - I reduced the font size.  And I've changed the colours on my personal page too.

Tue 15.05.01 News

The Anomaly Part II released/Thanks everybody! - 16/05 00:50

Thanks to my parents, Varun, all my friends at college and NIIT for all your wishes today, thanks for all the birthday cards! Thanks Jean-Yves Delpech for your mail, and thanks Pablo Dictter for sending me as a birthday gift one of his old WADs (called Red Evil, for Ultimate Doom E2M7) that he made back in 1996 (it's a cool level set in a sort of hellish cave - good fun to play - it was thoughtful of him to send it to me!).  More about that on my personal page...

Well, I'm probably a little late in saying this, but Varun's level The Anomaly Part II can be downloaded from this site, and he has also sent it to the NewDoom Review Center.  I'm having a lot of fun playing it - it's a really nice WAD!

Sun 13.05.01 News

My birthday on 15th - 13/05 23:45

Just a small update to let you know that my birthday's coming up - I will be 19 years old on May 15.  And as I've already said there's something to look out for on that day - the release of my brother Varun's The Anomaly Part II (for Ultimate Doom E4M6).

Sat 12.05.01 News

Marbelus - 12/05 23:14

I should have started work on some C++ programs that I had to do, yesterday at 11 PM.  Instead I got caught up in making a small level that I called Marbelus.  I wanted to make something using green marble textures yesterday afternoon and I also wanted to try out something regarding sector tag 666.  The result was this very tiny level that I had fun making, experimenting with, and playing (until 1 AM after which I did my programs!!), so I've posted it on my site.  It's only a 5 KB download, but also includes replacements for the music and DEMO1.

Go here to download, or click on the Pic of the Moment.

Special Feature: A Pre-Release look at 'The Anomaly Part II' - 12/05 23:10

I have something special for you this time, it's a look at my brother Varun's level The Anomaly Part II.  This is a terrific WAD that he finished making today, after a long time in development.  It's for Ultimate Doom E4M6, and it will be released on May 15, 2001, because that is my birthday :)

My Pre-Release look at this level is on this page.  I will write a review for it once it is released.

Wed 09.05.01 News

Linux version of Doom - 09/05 15:59

Yesterday I got my NIIT@Home Semester B CD 2 and 3.  CD 2 was full of Linux stuff, and in the games section, there was a Linux version of Doom!  This was xdoom which I had a few months ago.  I'd never used that because I was playing LxDoom instead.  Now things are different - LxDoom is now PRBoom, and I can't get Linux to install...

Anyway, for those of you who have the CD and use Linux, install Doom from it and play!

Latest news about 'The Anomaly: Part II' - 09/05 15:38

Varun's The Anomaly Part II for Ultimate Doom is nearing completion and should be released in a few days' time.  This is definitely one WAD that you should download when it comes out.  I have been seeing the work Varun's been doing on it, and it's excellent.

I've updated the Pic of the Moment to show you a secret area from The Anomaly Part II.  Varun wanted to put in something similar to Free Hissy in it, so here you have Free KAK - which is by the way a reference to myself!

Doom Winamp Skin! - 09/05 15:34

I got two nice Doom Winamp Skins created by Cory Whittle, and I thought I'd try making my own.  So I downloaded a simple tool for making skins (it's called QuickSkin and you can get it from and made two skins - Quake II and Doom.  I've uploaded my Doom skin to the Themes/Skins page, which now also has one of my earlier Doom desktop themes available for download.

Return to Hangar Review - 09/05 15:32

Return to Hangar by Jay was a featured map at the NewDoom Review Center, which I downloaded and had fun playing.  I've written a review, which you can read here.

Immoral Conduct - 09/05 15:27

"Everything can be solved with violence..."

I downloaded Immoral Conduct two days back, and I'm really having fun playing it.  This is a weapons modification for Doom, and I got myself the EDGE version.  The new weapons (example - Uzi, Assault Rifle, knife...) have terrific sounds, and behave differently (for example, the weapons won't fire continuously - you've got to pause to reload!).  The numerous other modifications are great too.  There is a DeHackEd (for ZDoom) and DDF (for EDGE) version, of which I have only played the DDF version.

Sun 06.05.01 News

Crusades demo, Smiling Marines - 06/05 21:06

I did a demo of E4M1 of Crusades (this month's featured WAD at the Doomed Speed Demos Archive).  It's a 3:36 demo done in UV skill, I managed 96% kills before I ran out of ammo.  Anyway, you can get that demo from the LMPs Page.

Another addition has been made to my Fun Stuff Page - this time it's a picture of Smiling Marines!

New to using add-on levels?  See this page, which I wrote today.

Thu 03.05.01 News

Review of An Infernal Place - 04/05 00:17

I downloaded Pablo Dictter's level An Infernal Place today, and I had a lot of fun playing it.  It's a great level, and I wrote a review for it, which you can read at my Reviews Page.  I also changed the Pic of the Moment to a screenshot from this map.

Other Doom stuff - 03/05 23:57

Why I haven't updated for the past few days is - I had an exam at NIIT (I'm doing a computer course there) in C++, Linux and CGI today, and I was busy studying for it.  The exam was this morning, and I scored 80% which is the third score in my batch.

But in between studying I managed to get hold of some documents on Doom from Doomgate's Doom Help Service - though these are a few years old, they were great to read.  I also got a couple of old maps from 1994 - Trinity.wad and Scott Amspoker's Outpost 21.  I added two links to my Links Page - these are sites that I went to some days back, and they will tell you all about the line "All your base are belong to us".

And here's wishing Doomworld webmaster Linguica a very happy birthday.

Demos added - 03/05 23:55

I did a couple of demos of Doomworld's 10 Sectors megawad MAP01 a few days ago, and now I've posted them here.  At present, my best time for this map is 0:34.  There are two demos I've done, one with Boom and one with MBF.  Get the demos from the Demos Page.