October/November 2001


Sun 18 Nov 2001 News

An Update, finally - 18/11 13:54

Sorry about not updating for so long... it's because another semester at college is coming to an end soon, so there is lots of work to do.  For the past 10 days or so I've been writing TWO tests every day at college, and soon my final exams will be starting.  Which means I can't do much Dooming in the next two weeks or so... :(

This update is just to let you know what's been happening all this while.  And I did add one page to the Articles/Info Section, this is a table listing out some interesting statistics about all the Doom and Doom II monsters.  Now those of you who work with the source code/DeHackEd and stuff like that probably already know this, but others might want to have a look.  Here.

And my site is very close to 5000 hits.  If you happen to be the 5000th visitor, please send me a screenshot, I'd appreciate that!

Here's the recent news from me...

I'll resume updating this site more often once my exams get over.

Sun 21 Oct 2001 News

Action.deh - 21/10 20:16

I just spent the last few hours making my very first .DEH file.  In the last post I made - about that Chow Yun-Fat picture - the link to the picture doesn't work.  I don't know why.  Maybe because it's a BMP.  Anyway I used that picture and the .DEH file, combined it with a small WAD and called it Action.  I'm not going to release it, but if you want to play around with it, email me.  The .DEH file has the following tweaks

It was just an experiment to try using DeHackEd, so it's nothing great.

Just News - 21/10 12:31

I haven't actually added anything to the site, this is just an update with some news.

Maps I've been playing recently -

On Friday I saw A Better Tomorrow II on STAR Movies - a fantastic John Woo movie, starring Chow Yun-Fat, Ti Lung and Leslie Cheung.  I thought the first film was just a shade better - but still, this was great, and the climactic action scene must be seen to be believed (no one can direct action scenes like Woo)!  In fact, after watching the movie, I made a TITLEPIC from the poster - it's got Chow Yun-Fat in it and it uses the Doom Palette.  I don't know if it will actually be used by anyone (including myself) but anyway here it is (64 KB).

Sun 14 Oct 2001 News

Out of Phase Released! - 14/10 13:37

It's been a while since I released a map on this site!  A couple of Sundays back, on 30 Sep, I thought of making a map in a very short while (sort of like a Speedmap).  I started in the afternoon and by night the map was done.  Over the next couple of days I put some finishing touches on it... and it was ready to release on 3 October.  Conicidentally, 3 Oct. one year ago was the day I completed my first Doom map ever (I never released that).  Anyway, the name of my new level is Out of Phase.

Out of Phase Download and Screenshots

It is for Doom II MAP01 this time.  It's a short action packed level and has a music replacement, Eiffel 65's "Dub in Life".  It's more detailed than any of the other maps of mine on this site, and has better lighting too.  It's got a somewhat weird texture scheme (and the building it is set in is floating in the air), but I feel the overall appearance is tech.  My brother however says the texture scheme is unlike anything he's ever seen before... you decide.

I've uploaded the level to the NewDoom Review Center and I'll be uploading it to the /idgames Archives too.

Varun's Vacation - 14/09 13:13

Well, Varun is finishing exams at school on 16th.  After that, he will be going on an 8-day tour (organised by his school) along with some of his friends to Delhi, Shimla and Chandigarh and he will be visiting some really great tourist spots there.  He'll be leaving on 17th morning, and he'll be back in the evening on 24th.  So his work on The 9th Gate (E4M7) will resume after that.

Speaking of The 9th Gate, well, Pablo updated his site with a sort of progress report - basically, Tobias is doing E4M2 now and I've started on E4M3.  But things are taking time to do because real life stuff is keeping us busy.  We want to get things finished soon, however.

News - 14/10 12:11

Between the last update and now...

Other non-Doom News - Dragonball Z airs every Saturday 9-10 PM on Cartoon Network!  The first 4 episodes shown so far were great.  I haven't updated my sites in a while... because things are quite hectic at college - I'm designing a HTML newsletter called SINE - which will be published by our college's IEEE Student Chapter.  I haven't seen any new movies lately - but I want to see Swordfish...