September 2001


Fri 28 Sep 2001 News

New Design, New Reviews! - 29/09 03:18

I have a BIG update for you this time and it took me a while to do!  I added new reviews, and I redesigned my site!

If you have trouble finding any files (reviewed WADs especially), please email me at

Old News - 29/09 02:59

Before I get on to the latest additions to the site, let me write about all that's happened between the last update and now...

In other non-Doom related news, my teacher's site that I was talking about earlier, crossed 1000 hits.  She has also added some fantastic wallpapers to her site.  And Srikanth has finally set up his home page at

Tue 04 Sep 2001 News

Ockham Complex and Doom Center's E1 Megawad reviewed! - 05/09 00:06

I've downloaded a number of maps by Sam 'Metabolist' Woodman... but one of my favourites among his levels is Ockham Complex.  The past few days I've been playing it a number of times, so I decided to review it.  Read my review for Ockham Complex.

Doom Center released a compilation megawad of all the 15 levels they received as entries for their Episode 1 Competition.  And I spent most of this Sunday reviewing those levels!  I've finished my review and it's up on this site.  There were some great maps in the collection.  Fredrik Johannson's level and Tobias Münch's Comm Center were fantastic.  The collection also had other pretty good maps.  But there were also a good number of levels which I just didn't like.  Anyway, I have given my opinions on each one of those levels in my review.  Read my review for the Doom Center Episode 1 Contest Megawad (15 levels).

This was the biggest reviewing job I've ever done :).  16 levels in two days - 13 levels straight on Sunday, 2 levels + Ockham on Monday!

NewDoom's Files Section is still not back online, so I can't upload anything yet.  Yes, I still have all those Doom Winamp Skins waiting...  I am also planning some other improvements on this site.  Some of the levels in the Reviews Section are not available at CDROM.COM and other sites, so I am thinking of storing them here on this site.  Also, I want to do some more cleaning up.  I am thinking of removing my demos from this site - I don't think there are many people interested in them.

Old news - 04/09 23:52

Once again, I left the site without updates for quite a while... I feel quite bad about that.  Anyway, here's all the Doom-related stuff I've been doing in that time, not all that much.

Lots of activity regarding the new Doom 3 footage/screenshots!  Those shots look amazing, but I wasn't in time to download the video... must find it soon.

And as for recent non-Doom stuff - my teacher's site that I mentioned earlier, crossed 500 hits in a month's time.  I also saw Hannibal and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within recently - great movies.  I also heard a terrific hip-hop/jazz song by Pablo Dictter - nice catchy beats!  Tobias also sent a nice techno-type song of his sometime back.