What's New? - December 2001

Thu 27 Dec 2001 - News

Reviews - 28/12 00:21

Three movie reviews for your reading pleasure...

Well, THAT could have gone better... - 27/12 23:47

I'm talking about my NIIT Semester C Module Test I, in Visual Basic, which was at 7:30 PM today.  It's the one I got 66% in.  People told me they were surprised when they heard that, I was surprised too!  Oh well, I'm not one to brood over things like this, it IS disappointing, but if at all there's anyone/anything at fault it's got to be me.  Like I said, that could have gone better...

Too bad they didn't let ME design the testing software... I'd have put in a CHEAT CODE like in my K-Test Testing Engine.  (what, you didn't find it?  Don't worry, cheating doesn't help) :)

Anyway, on to other things, my cousin Dipak left for Chennai today evening after a few days' stay here.  We had a lot of fun.  Very busy these last few days.  Lots of stuff downloaded.  24th was a holiday from college because our juniors were having a Freshers' Party.  And 25th was Christmas.  I watched two movies, on 23 Dec., we all went to see The Animal, and on Christmas Day, STAR Movies showed Life is Beautiful.  Reviews follow.  And I even saw Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels yet again... what a fantastic movie.

Among other things, thanks to everyone who sent Christmas wishes, thanks Pablo for his card.  This comes a little late, but Tobias updated Fehler 404 with a very nice article (which he translated from a newspaper).  You should read it.  I also got a couple of, shall we say - gifts - in the form of EXEs from Vivian Jason (who as I said before likes playing pranks) - one was HyperExe, which disabled Ctrl+Alt+Del and then proceeded to shut down the computer after about 10 minutes!  The most recent one is X-Mas Gift.exe, which I executed about an hour back.  It hasn't done anything so far, which is suspicious...

I also got three beautiful pieces of music in the form of MOD and XM files recently.  One is a tune called Eufrat, which I pulled out from Espi's very small Doom II level called tolwatt.wad which he released some time back.  Then there was a fast techno/metal song called Kharismatron, which was used in a recently-released Deathmatch level for Doom II called DM Morpheus Wannabe (music originally from Unreal Tournament).  (Thank you, Csabo, for XWE!!)  And finally, I downloaded Aardappel's game engine called Cube, and that had a terrific techno song called Cubez0r.

And what else?  Yes, on 25th, my father bought me a book on PHP - this is called PHP: Fast & Easy Web Development by Julie C. Meloni.  I can now display a directory listing with PHP!  I was also trying to send an email through a PHP page, but it didn't work.  Anyway now all I have to do is to connect PHP and MySQL together and interesting things will happen.

Finally, it's back to college tomorrow - 23rd was Sunday, 24th and 25th were holidays, I didn't go yesterday and today, so you might say I almost got away with an actual Christmas vacation!

If this update sounded a bit different from my normal style of writing, it's probably because of that 66% still in my mind.  Guess I have to "release the resources" it occupies.

Sat 22 Dec 2001 - News

IEEE Contest Ends - 23/12 00:17

Whew!  It was a relief when the IEEE Technical Paper Contest held at our college (21st and 22nd) came to an end!  After two days of hectic work, everything went off well, and the students who came to our college to present papers said the whole event was very well organised.  For that, the credit must mainly go to Nirish, my senior, who was in charge of almost everything.  Help came from other IEEE members, from IV, III, II and I Year students.

So what did I do?  Well, not that much, during the actual events, I was in the Computer Science Room, just making sure that everything went smoothly, basically conducting the seminars in that room and announcing the papers to be presented.  And at the end I also gave a short report on the entire proceedings of the two days.  So I didn't have time to do much else, and yesterday I watched most of Bloodfist II.  Basically that was because the computer wasn't there - it was under servicing (there was lots of dust in the cabinet).  Everytime the computer was switched on, for the past few months, it would make a noise - as if someone was grinding up the hard disk!  Anyway, it came back today.

...and we also got a new CD WRITER!  (ACER CD-RW 16 x 10 x 40).  Cool!

My cousin Dipak has come to visit us from Chennai.  He came this morning.  Varun finished his half-yearly exams today and he's done well.  Tomorrow we're all going to go to see The Animal (starring Rob Schneider).

Today's two episodes of Dragonball Z were terrific - they were filled with fights and not much else, but what fights!  Goku is fighting the Saiyan Warrior Vegeta, and he used the Kayoken attack (in different forms).  Goku seemed like a match for the alien - and he actually succeded in beating him up pretty badly!  But then something happened - Vegeta had a nasty trick up his sleeve.  He used a weapon (which was supposed to have been invented by Goku/Khakarot's father) that allowed him to create artificial moonlight - because of which he could transform into a huge ape!  Goku tried using the spirit bomb against it, but at the last moment the ape sent a powerful blast of energy that dropped Goku to the ground.  Sapped of all his strength, Goku seemed doomed to be crushed by the ape.  But then Gohan and Krillin came back and decided to help out Goku (unlike the short, fat guy Yajirobi).  But every second counts now... we'll see what happens in the next episode.

And oh yes, Fehler 404 was updated again, this time by Pablo, who wishes us all a Merry Christmas in style :).  Also, I uploaded Ganeshan's downloads page properly, so you can go to his site and see all his recent updates.

Thu 20 Dec 2001 - News

The Exorcist III on STAR Movies - 20/12 22:05

After I came home yesterday, I watched the Clint Eastwood video by Gorillaz on Cartoon Network.  Then on STAR Movies at 11:45 PM they were showing The Exorcist III, and I watched it.  Nice, scary movie!  Review follows...

Fehler 404 updates and other stuff - 20/12 21:55

There is something very interesting in Fehler 404's recent update.  Tobias has written quite a lengthy article about the Euro Currency that he will be using from this New Year onwards!  It makes very good reading for those of us in other countries, especially since Toby has scanned all the coins and posted a picture on the site.  You can almost feel the coins :).

Thanks to Damian Lee for some very useful information he sent recently in an email - I'd asked him how to convert images down to the Doom Palette and he wrote a detailed explanation on how to do it with Paint Shop Pro.

The 9th Gate site was also updated by Tobias - there's latest information there about the current status of the project.  And I've resumed work on my E4M3, I'll also be submitting my unreleased Doom level called karthik2 to Doom Center's Bigdog for the Unreleasables feature that he recently started.

Lots of good movies on STAR Movies in the near future - Snake Eyes (in January), Enemy of the State (New Year's Eve Special), The Road to El Dorado (tomorrow), Life is Beautiful (Christmas Special).

News - 20/12 21:08

As usual, here is the recent news -

You can scroll up this page to read some more stuff and a review of The Exorcist III.

Sat 15 Dec 2001 - News

IEEE Contest Schedules and other stuff... - 15/12 15:13

First, the important news.  This morning, I got the finalised list of all the technical papers selected for presentation at the contest that's going to be held on 21st and 22nd in our college.  As soon as Nirish sent it to me I updated the Contest Info Page, but Tripod wouldn't let me FTP to upload it!  Finally at around 1 PM I was able to connect and I've uploaded the list.

Go to the IEEE Contest Info Page to get the latest information regarding the schedules, etc.  The list contains the dates and timings for all the seminars.  I have been getting lots of calls since this morning, so hopefully the page will provide all the necessary information.  Out-station students should send an email to tell the organisers about when and where they will be arriving so that they can be received by our college students.

I also went back to the Eiffel 65 Fan Site I was talking about earlier.  I got the lyrics to the songs on the album Europop and some great drawings of the group members (by Taryn Sanders).  I also read some interesting stuff about the group itself (singer Jeffrey Jey, composers Maurizio Lobina and Gabry Ponte).

There is one MIDI file of Eiffel65's Blue (Da Ba Dee) on this site, I even used it as background music on this page (that was long ago, when I did have music in the background).  Click the link to the song to listen to it.  Speaking of MIDIs, yesterday I got three more great MIDIs of Robert Miles songs.  And yesterday I read Jim McDougald (Rellik)'s Doom Movie Screenplay - which I think is available at Rick Clark's Site.  This was a pretty cool script with lots of action.  If there ever IS a Doom movie, then I'd expect it to be an action-horror movie with LOTS of violence and gore!  Now I really MUST update Karthik's Doom Pages today and when I do, I'm going to upload FIVE of my Winamp Skins there.

The Usual News - 15/12 13:37

I finished my exams yesterday, but was too tired to update - so here it is now -

For today's news see the update just above this one.  Some important information is there, regarding the IEEE Technical Paper Presentation Contest in our college.

Sat 08 Dec 2001 - News

Small Update - 08/12 14:02

I re-uploaded the Drive Desktop Theme without the offending screensaver file.  So now there's absolutely no problem if you download it.

Fehler 404 was updated again by Tobias.  This time there's a nice new Flash logo - based on the earlier one, but with a little bit of animation now.  Look at the logo.  Look closely... your eyelids are getting heavy... heavy...

Tobias also signed my Guestbook.  Thanks a lot for those nice comments, Tobias, and I hope to see your own personal page back up soon.  I heard two more Pablo Dictter MP3s.  One is a recent song called Gloterus Manarus Tuterus - a very weird song - and an older one of his called Nestrarra, which I really, really liked.  I have six songs of his now - The End, Nestrarra, One Night, Gloterus Manarus Tuterus, Getting High, and Son of a Funk.

I watched Lake Placid last night, a nice movie.  Before that, on STAR Movies, they were showing Gen-Y Cops - which seemed very good.  I saw the last half-hour of that.  And I cleared my Inbox yesterday, deleted 111 mails (4.6 MB) after copying them into HTML files.

Fri 07 Dec 2001 - News

Drive Desktop Theme - 07/12 18:27

I uploaded one of my old desktop themes on the Downloads Page - this is a theme I made way back in 1999.  Based on the Mark Dacascos movie Drive (directed by Steve Wang).  This along with some of my other (old) themes is supposedly there on my desktop themes site, but I've got a few mails from people who have said the files aren't accessible!  They ARE there, I don't know what the problem is.  Anyway, I don't want to upload all that stuff on this site due to space constraints (I'm using almost half of my allotted 50 MB space on Tripod).  But the Drive Theme is I think the ONLY one of it's kind on the net, so I've uploaded it.  The package contains 4 themes in one.  And it's a pretty cool theme though it's not of the highest quality.

This theme package contains a screensaver called melt.scr (which melts your screen down) - I got this from somewhere and I included it here.  It never gave any problems before, but all of a sudden, my virus scanner identifies it as a dangerous file!  If yours does, don't get alarmed, it's not a virus, just delete the file.

Exam Time Update - 07/12 17:37

Four exams over, two more to go.  In the mean time, while I write those, you can read the latest news -

I've got a few days time before the next two exams.  Principles of Programming Languages is on 12th and Operations Research is on 14th.  Lake Placid is on STAR Movies tonight at 9:30 PM.

Sat 01 Dec 2001 - News

I am Jack's Reviews - 01/12 16:40

Here are two reviews for the two movies I saw yesterday (technically, one of them was today)...

Updates - 01/12 13:41

My final exams for III Year I Semester have started...  All the best to my friends for their exams.  Here's the news since the last update...

Next exam is on 3 Dec - Data Communications.  Next Friday, they're showing Lake Placid on STAR Movies, and on December 16, 9 PM on AXN, it's the Movie of the Year - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.