News - February 2002

Sat 16 Feb 2002 - News

Reviews - 16/02 22:45

There will be two more episodes of Dragonball Z airing on Cartoon Network in about an hour from now :) which I am going to record and watch tomorrow.  Anyway, here is a summary of things that happened in the last 4 episodes.  There's also a review of Gen-Y Cops.  And I found out a couple of days back from's Dragonball that the events in Dragonball Z all take place in the 8th Century A.D.!!

Crossing 5000 - 16/02 22:41

Thank you very much, Pablo Dictter!  Pablo was the 5000th visitor to this site, and he was kind enough to send me a big (1280x1024 resolution) screenshot of it!  Also, Vivian Jason caught the 5002nd hit and he sent me a screenshot of that.  It was nice of both of them to send me screenshots, thanks to them, and also thanks to all the people who visit the site regularly!

Looking through the text file - 16/02 22:11

Look at how the time flies!  I really don't know why I find myself so busy.  Something always seems to come up and I'm unable to keep this site updated as regularly as I'd like to.  Actually, I started writing this update six days ago, but I didn't finish it.  Anyway, here is the news for the past two weeks -

Sat 02 Feb 2002 - News

A cup of coffee! - 02/02 19:00

This is the first recipe on the site, heh heh.

As I mentioned already, I have been making espresso coffee for the past few days.  My mother showed me how to make it, and I tried it out, and I'm surprised how easy it is to make!  And it tastes GREAT.  All you need is some milk (one cup), sugar and instant coffee powder (Nescafé Instant Coffee is what I use).  Put one spoon of sugar and one spoon of coffee powder together in the cup, and put one teaspoon of water in it.  Not more, not less.  With the same teaspoon, beat the mixture well until it turns yellow!  Yes, it will - try it and see for yourself.  It's important to take the right amount of water, too little and you can't mix it properly, too much and it won't become yellow.

Keep beating the mixture with the spoon.  It will turn yellow and generally look icky and disgusting but don't worry.  Boil the milk in a pan now and mix everything together!  Pour the milk back and forth (between the cup and the pan) a couple of times and you'll be surprised at how creamy the mixture becomes.  That's all there is to it, now drink it - it's terrific!

Reviews - 02/02 18:37

Dragonball Z and other stuff this time...

Finally, an update... a very LONG one! - 02/02 16:35

Very busy for quite some time now... so I couldn't update the site.  Anyway, as usual, here's the collected news since the last update till today!

That's all the news for this update.  I have been drinking more coffee lately and I have now started using Outlook Express (very convenient to use - can't believe I didn't use it all these years).  Go up this page and see the other updates now :).  And make a cup of coffee.