News - January 2002

Sun 13 Jan 2002 - News

Third Gate - 14/01 00:17

This is a Doom-related update, but I'm writing it here since I don't want to wait till I update my Doom site again to mention it.  Today I started making a new E4M3 for The 9th Gate!  After a few months' WADster's block (well, 9th Gate block anyway), I was really inspired today, I came back from class this morning, and by afternoon I started work on the new level.  I made the mistake of biting off more than I could chew on the older one actually.  Worked most of the day on the new E4M3, and I'm really happy with the way the level's coming along.  I've already sent what I've made so far to Tobias and Damian, anyway I will write more about that the next time I update my Doom site.

Updated Sites! - 14/01 00:13

Sites that were updated -

Galaxy Quest Review - 13/01 23:53

Now that was a long time between updates... - 13/01 23:09

How time flies!  Has it already been a week since I updated last?  It appears so!  This time I don't have a date-by-date list of updates.  Anyway, the past week has been mostly about writing tests, Management Science on 7th, Computer Graphics on 8th, Computer Networks on 9th, Artificial Intelligence on 10th, Language Processors on 11th.  I did well in all these - I could have done better in Networks though.  And on 10th, I showed up ten minutes late for the test (first time I'm doing something like that) - and that's a big deal since the test is only twenty minutes long!  Fastest test I ever wrote :).  There were 15 questions and I didn't have time to answer 4.  Well, I didn't know them anyway.

But forget about that test, I'm pretty proud of what I did in the Language Processors Practicals class that day.  Remember I said I wrote a program to split up an arithmetic expression into tokens?  This new program goes one step further.  Oce you start the program, you are allowed to declare variables (yes!) and then you can use those variables for writing arithmetic expressions (multiple lines).  Then when you type end my program analyses whatever you typed and prints out the analysed expressions (reports undeclared variables too) and a symbol table.  The program is buggy and doesn't work for all inputs, and attempts to analyse even wrong expressions (for example, if you type a + b + c = c * * / d; it will simply output id add id add id assign id mul mul div id semi).  Still, I'm happy I got as far as I did.  That's one step closer to making an actual compiler :).

On 11th, Friday, I saw Galaxy Quest on STAR Movies - great movie.  Review is on this page.

On Saturday, I woke up at 6:20 AM.  Why would I, of all people, do something like that?  Because I've joined a coaching class for the CAT Exam (which I will be writing in December 2002 so that I can do my further studies in Management at a good business school in India, like the IIMs - the top institutes in the country!).  The institute is called TIME and this is a weekend batch, only Saturdays and Sundays, 7-11 AM.  The class is fun, there are old friends and new, in fact the only downside is getting up early on weekends... but it will be worth it.

Well, look at all the classes I'm attending - college is 5 days a week, three of those days I also have classes at NIIT (this course came as a scholarship to me, and since it's all about computer subjects, it's interesting... plus there are some great people in my batch).  And now on weekends these classes too.  Inspite of all this I still will make time for everything I usually like to do, my site updates are not going to suffer.

Let me make one thing very clear - I am NOT the kind of person who likes studying, in fact I always write my most of my college tests with very little studying.  I DO study seriously for the finals however.  But I have one advantage - because the subjects we have in college and the stuff I have in the NIIT course are mostly computer related, they're interesting, and I don't need to do much reading to learn them.  They're fun.  It's not studying in the actual sense.  That's why I have no problems with it.  Coaching classes for getting into the IITs are horrible however.  Which is why I quit one of those a few years back (long stories all that).  I'm glad I'm past that stage (worrying about getting into a good Engineering College) now.

Enough of that stuff, not the kind of thing that I like to talk about.

A number of sites (my own and sites of people I know) had interesting updates recently, I've written about that in a separate update on this page.  Also, today I was really inspired to make a new E4M3 for The 9th Gate.  That too, is discussed in a separate update.  All that's left to say is that it seems Cartoon Network has decided to discontinue Dragonball Z - how unfortunate.  Now there's practically NOTHING on TV that I'm watching.  If anyone knows that it's coming at another time, please tell me!

We haven't been having classes at NIIT for the past week or so, don't know what is happening.  Anyway, they're organising a big rock show tomorrow and I've got tickets.  It's at 5:30 PM.

Well, this was a big update!  Tomorrow is a holiday, so I can sleep till 11 AM... or later...

Sun 06 Jan 2002 - News

Reviews - 07/01 00:36

This was actually part of the previous update, but I moved it here because it'll be easier to read.  And I also added a review for an episode of The X Files.

News - 06/01 15:31

A couple of days back, Tobias Münch and Pablo Dictter put up a New Year Message at Fehler 404, a very nicely written article.  Pablo works on his songs, and he recently started a new Episode 1-style map for Doom, which you can read about at his place.  Speaking of Doom levels, Steel Conquerors has been released, at the temporary location of Tobias' Phobos Wad Lab.  This is just one section of The Worlds of Toby M., Tobias' personal site which is back up after his earlier provider, NBCi, closed down their member sites.  The site has a nice design and currently has the Doom section and the Guitar Tabs section, but soon, all the content from the old site will be back (his drawings, and levels for other games!).  I also watched some movies these days - Snake Eyes on Friday, and Predator yesterday.  After the Saiyan saga in the first 26 episodes (1996) of Dragonball Z got over, yesterday's two episodes started off the Namek saga (1997).  There are reviews.

I wrote half this update (and most of the reviews) in the afternoon.  It's now past midnight, and I've been feeling sort of dull all day.  Don't know why.  Anyway I watched two episodes of The X Files today, last week's one (which my mother recorded for me) was about a Necromancer, a guy who resurrects dead FBI agents.  All these dead people were former members of the Millennium Group, this man is resurrecting them because he believes that will allow him to bring on Armageddon.  That's what brings Mulder and Scully to Frank Black!  Yes, this episode was a crossover between The X Files and Millennium.  Good episode, ended with the New Year Celebration of the year 2000... and Mulder and Scully actually kiss!  But today's episode, First Person Shooter, was better, and there's a review.

Sites I've been going to recently - The Official Nelly Furtado Site (I got all the lyrics of the songs on her album Whoa, Nelly, though I don't have the album :) ) and the official Dragon Ball and Dragonball Z sites.  There are 222 episodes of Dragonball Z apparently.  Only 28 have been shown so far :).  I think the music in the background of the Dragonball Z Flash Site is terrific (I've saved the Flash file and I'm listening to it now).

Hey, go to Doomworld and see, my Out of Phase II was reviewed by AndrewB.  And I got one more demo of Out of Phase II MAP01 today - Wim "The Mole" Vanrie beat his earlier time of 1:10 by 11 seconds in his improved 0:59 maxdemo.

The first set of tests at college start tomorrow with Management Science.  So what am I doing typing all this?  It's almost 1 AM now.  I better study.

Wed 02 Jan 2002 - News

Today's News - 03/01 00:37

Thanks everyone for all the New Year Greetings you sent, thanks Joe Pallai for sending me a demo of Out of Phase (Part I), featuring an invulnerable, no clipping cacodemon (that was a couple of days back)!  Today, I got two demos of Out of Phase II, thanks Albert Valls and Opulent!  Both demos were of MAP01.  Albert Valls ran through the map in a mere 30 seconds, and Opulent did a 100% UV demo in one minute flat!

Also watched a very nice Star Trek: The Next Generation episode today.  I missed the opening credits, but according to what Ganeshan told me the episode was called I, Borg.  The Enterprise crew picks up a young Borg who was injured at a crash site.  Initially, the plan is to implant a sort of virus in the young Borg's memory, and then send it back.  This could possibly create a total systems failure for the Borg collective!  However things change when the Borg starts becoming conscious of his own identity, and makes a friend in Geordi.  The Borg, who Geordi names 'Hugh', decides that it would be too dangerous if he stayed on the Enterprise, so he chooses to be assimilated back into the collective.  But he promises that he would try to remember that he is an individual - and that he would try to remember Geordi.

Well, that's all the news I have for you this time, tomorrow I have to go to college so I'd better sleep soon :).  Anyway, there's just one more thing before I go... I was looking at the Movie List 2001 I compiled - for those of you who don't know what that is, it's a list of all movies I've seen this year (there are also lists for 1998, 1999 and 2000, by the way), and I thought I'd write a little bit about that.  I have seen all these movies at least once, but remember that I've seen some of them more than once, because of which I might like them more than the others :).

Anyway, in my opinion, the BEST among all the movies I've seen in 2001 are... drum roll...

  • Fight Club
  • Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Other terrific movies I saw this year include...

  • The Silence of the Lambs
  • Ring of Fire II
  • Star Trek: First Contact
  • Cast Away
  • The Devil's Advocate
  • The Last Boy Scout
  • A Better Tomorrow II
  • Swordfish
  • 8MM

Some disappointments were there too, in fact probably the biggest one was The Blair Witch Project.  And I didn't really like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon as much as everyone else seemed to.

Speaking of movies, STAR Movies has an interesting line up for January - I want to watch Snake Eyes this Friday.  Tim Allen's Galaxy Quest is coming soon also.  HBO is showing The Mummy and Desperado.

News - 03/01 00:13

Here is the update I promised yesterday...

Tue 01 Jan 2002 - News

Happy New Year! - 01/01 20:37

Happy New Year everyone, here is a card for you.  I don't have the time right now to make a bigger update (because I'm releasing Out of Phase II at Karthik's Doom Pages!).  I'll make the usual news update tomorrow.

That was the shortest update on this site, I think :).  Anyway, I wish you a very happy 2002, and please come back tomorrow to see the regular news.