News - March 2002

Mon 25 Mar 2002 - News

Reviews - 25/03 18:28

This time I have a summary of two Dragonball Z episodes, and you'll have to read the summary for the four episodes that I missed after that on Pojo's Dragonball Web, because I didn't watch them.  The episodes that I missed are #47, #48, #49 and #50.  There are also three movie reviews, for Thir13en Ghosts, Enemy of the State and The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

Back from the Other Side of Phobos - 25/03 16:24

Can't believe it's been 21 days since I updated my site last!  There's lots of "to-be-updated" stuff collected in the text file of mine.  So here goes...

Got a bunch of WADs for both Doom and Heretic to check out (including some of Pablo Dictter's old old work made back in 2000 from FileFront... hey Pablo!  I haven't played them yet but I bet they'll be great).

I made a few updates at the official SNIST IEEE Students Chapter Website, there are some interesting new articles.  And I'm going to add two more after this site update.  I'm also going to work on a program for Brute Force Parsing for the Language Processors Lab.  Those programs are pretty hard to do!  I hope I get them to work.

Another interesting thing happened some days ago at college - a con man who called himself Dr. William Patten showed up and gave a short lecture and later tried to get some of our students to pay money and attend a seminar of his!  Our professors knew there was something fishy about him and so, thankfully, sent him off soon - and he was never seen again.  Anyway, I admire the way he blatantly claimed that he had a B. Tech. from IIT, an MBA from IIM Bangalore, and a Ph.D. from MIT!  He said that he also works for Microsoft in Seattle!!  The guy had a lot of courage - after all, it does take courage to walk into a college and pretend that you're the smartest guy this side of the planet!  Anyway he did give his email address to us, so ahem...

Movies coming next month on STAR Movies - The Lost World, Ronin (Apr. 5), and tomorrow - they're showing Mission: Impossible, and on Friday, Jurassic Park.

I'd also like to wish all my friends the very best of luck for their exams, we will be starting them in the second week of April.

Mon 04 Mar 2002 - News

Reviews - 04/03 23:45

Dragonball Z, Psycho and Sleepy Hollow in this edition of Reviews...

The Other Side of Phobos - 04/03 15:26

I've been quite occupied with Doom mapping recently, in fact I updated Karthik's Doom Pages a couple of times with what's been going on.  But here is everything else that happened...

Today there was no college, I updated Karthik's Doom Pages in the morning with a new screenshot of The Other Side of Phobos, and I watched Psycho one more time.