News - April/May 2002

Fri 17 May 2002 - News

Movie Reviews - 17/05 15:21

Been a while since I posted any movie reviews here.  I was actually planning on setting up a separate sub-site here for movies, but it looks like that will take some more time.  Anyway, here are reviews for What Lies Beneath, Training Day and Hard-Boiled.

Latest Gallery Updates - 17/05 14:37

I updated my Gallery on May 11th and 15th as I said I would - only I didn't write about it on the main page.  Anyway, here's a list of the drawings I added -

Next update will be on May 20.  There will be two pictures of a movie called Dark Breed - a low budget action/horror movie.  I'll also be putting up a surprise pic as I do everytime.

So, go and see Karthik's Drawings at

News - 17/05 13:56

News from May 6 -

Nowadays I visit the IMDb everyday and I've learnt a lot of stuff because of that.  Today on STAR Movies I'm going to see Me, Myself & Irene.

Thanks Rajeev for signing my Guestbook.

Mon 06 May 2002 - News

Gallery updated with three new drawings - 06/05 15:51

The Art Gallery has been updated with three new drawings!  If you saw the page before you already know what two of them are - because I mentioned what I would be adding.  These are the new additions -

The next set of drawings will be put up on May 11.  This will feature a poster of I Know What You Did Last Summer (you can see a preview of that on the page) and a picture of director Paul Verhoeven (director of RoboCop, Total Recall and Hollow Man).  There will be one surprise drawing also.

So go to and tell me what you think of the new additions!

Holiday Stuff - 06/05 14:55

I removed the earlier news post because it was taking up too much space here.  You can always go to the News Archives Page to read it (and of course, all the updates I've written for the past two years are there!).

Thanks Nagesh for signing my Guestbook!  Today I'm also going to see A Beautiful Mind.

Wed 02 May 2002 - News

My Drawings - The Gallery is Open! - 02/05 15:59

Ever since we got a scanner (that was Apr 30), I've been busy scanning my drawings (some of you reading this have already seen many of them in my books, etc.), and I've now set up this Art Gallery on my site, which will have the best of my work since 1994!  For now, I'm starting off with 5 drawings -

Keep watching the Gallery because I'll be regularly adding pictures to it!  The address of the gallery is and I'll be announcing the upcoming drawings here as well.  Coming Soon - "Evil Dead II" and "Die Hard With a Vengeance".

By the way, you may have also noticed that I've currently taken the Movie Reviews offline, they'll be back (and in a big way!) soon!  That is something to watch out for...

I don't know where to start - 02/05 01:43, 15:00

Oh wow, more than a month has passed by since the last update!  And I've got so much stuff to write about... well, you probably can't read everything I'm going to write now in one sitting - but anyway, here goes...

It took me a long time to write this!  Anyway, hope you like the drawings.  By the way thanks to Rakesh and Jania for signing my guestbook.