What's New? - October 2001

Wed 31 Oct 2001 - News

News this week - 31/10 23:56

Here's all the news from 25th of this month...

Pablo's sent me another version of Those Crazy Monkeys - I'm going to download that now.  Out of the scripts he sent me, the only one I haven't read fully is Mr. GoodBar - I only read the first part of it and it was really good (especially one dialogue involving a VCP).  Pablo must have had fun writing that.  I had fun reading all his screenplays.

Oh yes.  Fight Club (a movie that I've wanted to see for a LONG time) is going to be shown on STAR Movies this November.  HBO's also showing The Matrix.

Varun updated the 9th Gate Website with photos of himself, Tobias, Pablo, and yours truly - so have a look.

I have some homework to do in Operations Research right now, so I'll wrap up this update here.

SNIST.com - 31/10 23:50

My college, Sree Nidhi Institute of Science and Technology, launched it's official website on 26th - you can visit it at http://www.snist.com.  I had nothing to do with it, except that I made the Guestbook Page's layout.  The site has all the information you'd want to know about our college, so go and visit it.  They're also planning to put up attendance reports and marks in various tests of all the students on the site, which should be interesting.

News - 24/10 13:15

This is a coincidence... the last time I updated my site was on 17th, the day my brother left for his trip to Delhi.  And today he's coming back in the evening.  No college till next Monday :) which gives me some free time...  Well, here is the news for the past week or so.

Well, that's it for this update, thanks to all you guys for the recent entries in my Guestbook - Sudarshan, Kumaran and Praveen.  Thanks, Pablo, Tobias and Joel for your comments on my new Doom II level and your comments on my site redesign.  Jai's site after the redesign has a nice elegant look.  Speaking of friends's sites, I rewrote my Links Page, added some sites, and organised it better.  I also completely rewrote the About Page, so take a look.

Wed 17 Oct 2001 - News

News - 17/10 18:23

I didn't go to college yesterday either, because of the bus strike!  Which is again a good thing.  I got my II Year II Semester Marks Memo - this time I got a total of 494/700 which comes to 70.5% (not a good performance, unfortunately - I must do better next time).  Anyway, I think the top percentage was 80%.  Can't say for sure because I didn't go to college :).  I'll be putting up my marks memo on the site soon.

Anyway, yesterday Varun did some more demos of my new Doom II level Out of Phase.  I cleared all the messages from my Yahoo! Inbox (about 2.9 MB this time).  And I cleared up my Doom folder a little, deleted about 41 MB of WADs.  Yesterday's class at NIIT was nice - we are doing a VB project.  And Tobias sent a small Doom II map he made with WADAuthor, called The Gauntlet.  Speaking of Tobias, I was playing his levels Deimos Control Center and Unknown Fate yesterday.  Those are fantastic levels.

Note: Varun's and Tobias' sites are currently inaccessible because their host, Doom Center is experiencing server problems.

On 15th I watched 8MM which was shown on HBO earlier.  This is a very good movie starring Nicolas Cage.  I wrote a summary of the entire movie after watching it.  You can read it here - 8MM Review.

I watched Shootfighter 2: Kill Or Be Killed on STAR Movies yesterday.  This was a pretty ordinary action movie, starring William Zabka, Michael Bernardo, Bolo Yeung.  Directed by Paul Ziller (the guy who made Bloodfist IV).  When a cop's son gets killed in Shootfighting, he assembles a group of fighters to infiltrate and bust the Shootfighting ring.  Worth watching once, for the fights.

Today I got up at 5:45 AM!!  Can you believe that?  I got up because I wanted to accompany my brother to the train station (he left on vacation this morning).  He's going to have a nice time in Delhi, Shimla, Chandigarh along with his friends... the trip is for 8 days, he'll be back on 24th.

I've been at the computer almost continuously from this morning till now.  I put together a demo issue of SINE with some submitted articles.  I cracked an encryption program my friend made :).  I also did some work on the college website redesign.  And I redesigned my site too.  The bus strike allowed me to do all this stuff. :)

Site Redesign - 17/10 18:19

As you can see, I redesigned this site...  It was about time, actually.  I was getting tired of the older design and I wanted this site to look more like Karthik's Doom Pages.  Hence the new look.  It's compatible with both Netscape and IE, but it's best viewed with 800 x 600 resolution or higher.  I also reverted back to the title Karthik's Home Page, rather than http://karthik82.tripod.com (because I was losing out on a search engine listing because of that).

I also added a review of 8MM which I saw recently.  More about that in the regular news section.

No more Featured Quotes - 17/10 18:14

I decided to stop the "Featured Quote" section because it's difficult to keep on thinking of new quotes to put on the home page... so there won't be any more of that.  I don't think anyone's really going to miss it either... if you want it back, email me at karthik@newdoom.com and we'll see about that.  Anyway, all the quotes that have appeared on the homepage are listed here.

Mon 15 Oct 2001 - News

mov ah, 09h - lea dx to the display area - call int 21h... - 15/10 13:43

Another long absence, another long update...  I won't bother to introduce the update this time, because I'm sure you're used to it by now.

Or maybe I will write something... today I didn't go to college because of a strike by the APSRTC - no buses available... which is a good thing - I can update my site now!  I was supposed to have a test in Systems Programming today, hence the assembly-like headline.

That's the news for now... see you next time.

Featured Quote - 15/10 13:37

This time, the quote is a cryptic crossword clue from the newspaper two days back.  This is one of the clues I could figure out easily - but the others are very tough!  I started doing these (not in a big way yet) thanks to Deepak Menon, my senior at college, who's extremely good at them.  The clue above is "German goods include fruit (5)" - the answer is "mango" because you can find that word embedded in "German goods".

Tue 02 Oct 2001 - News

Update Time Again - 02/10 21:10

It's update time again... I only wish that it would come more often than this, but things are quite busy for me.  Anyway, here is, as usual, all the news that happened between the last update on the site and now.

And that's it for this time.  As usual, we have tests at college, I also have to finish my redesigning of my college's website, and I have stuff to upload to Karthik's Doom Pages and this site... well, all that will happen...

Important Announcements: Dragonball Z will premiere on Cartoon Network, October 6, 9-10 PM!  Friday's 7:15 PM martial-arts movie on STAR Movies is the must-see Armour of God, with Jackie Chan!!  And lastly, the Présage Site has a fantastic look.

Featured Quote - 02/10 21:10

upd.txt is a file that I put together just now.  Do you know what that is?  Well, I have been writing updates on this site from May-June 2000.  You can read all of that from the News Page.  I copied all the pages upto September 2001 as plain text and pasted them into one file, just to see how big it would become.  It's 419 KB or 429288 bytes long!  A 1 MB file would be approximately the size of a novel, which means I'm halfway there...