What's New? - September 2001

Sun 23 Sep 2001 - News

The Update - 23/09 15:42

I was busy last week with lots of things to do... so here is the update finally.

Tomorrow is my Systems Programming Test at college.  I really have to redesign the college website (because I have been getting mail about that), but I'm not finding the time.  Because I've got to almost create it from scratch, and that's more difficult than updating an existing site.  Anyway I'll be doing that this week.  I also got 1:57 of Bon Jovi's "One Wild Night" this afternoon before the download broke.

Featured Quote - 23/09 15:42

This time's quote is another one of the end game messages from Doom/Doom II.  John Romero was the one who wrote all these messages, and "Don't go now, there's a dimensional shambler waiting at the DOS Prompt" is among the ones that is modified in the newer source ports.  They either remove the "DOS Prompt" part or replace it with "...in the Explorer!"

Sat 15 Sep 2001 - News

The News This Week - 15/09 23:04

It seems my updates are coming once a week nowadays!  Anyway, here's all the news of the past week, from the time of the last update till now.  I think I said this once before - no matter what the frequency of updates on the site is, you, the reader, won't miss anything.

OK, now I'm going to upload all the files now, and I'll see if I can take part in DW Speedmapping today also.  On Monday, our Second Internal Tests are starting at college.

Featured Quote - 15/09 23:04

Saw this on ZED (Zee Education) TV today... and my friend Chandrahas told me about it a couple of days back.  I wonder whether there really is such a thing as DIMS - Doom Induced Motion Sickness!

Sat 08 Sep 2001 - News

One week's news - 08/09 15:51

The news for this past week...

Tomb Raider and other movies on TV - 08/09 15:31

Yesterday, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider opened in theatres over here, and we (me and family) went to see it at night.  I was going to update yesterday itself, as I usually do, but I didn't... so I am doing that now.  Starring Angelina Jolie, Iain Glen, and Jon Voight, directed by Simon West (Con Air).  It's a very entertaining action movie, which starts off with Lara finding a mysterious artifact in her 83-room mansion, a clock that starts ticking on the day of the first phase of the planetary alignment (an event that takes place once every 5000 years).  The clock contains "the all-seeing eye", a key that allows one to gain access to two parts of a metallic triangle (hidden in two temples on opposite sides of the earth) - an artifact which if put together, gives it's possessor the ability to control time!  And that is something that Manfred Powell (Iain Glen) wants.  The movie has lots of adventure and fantastic action sequences (that go well with the music by Graeme Revell) - and Angelina Jolie is perfect as Lara Croft.  I don't think this movie has much to do with the game series it's based on (I played a little bit of Tomb Raider II and III but I'm not a fan of those games), but it's great fun to watch.

Movies on TV - on STAR Movies - Star Wars (yesterday), The Empire Strikes Back (14th), Return of the Jedi (21st), The Phantom Menace (28th).  On AXN - Cliffhanger (9th), Back to the Future I, II, III (16th, 23rd, 30th).  HBO - Hard Target (I think it's today).

Featured Quote - 08/09 15:28

I don't think I really need to explain this time's featured quote - it's a classic line from Star Wars.  I chose it this time because Star Wars was shown on STAR Movies yesterday.  Coming next week, The Empire Strikes Back.