As many of you at TAPMI may know, I have recently developed a strong interest in writing and drawing comics.  Of course, I have always had a fascination for science-fiction and horror movies... and so, I've decided to do this time's New Year Card in the style of a comic!  Hope you like it...

Happy New Year 2005, from 
        Karthik! (© 2005,

Happy New Year...

to Family and Friends...

to my Parents and my brother Varun,
to all my Friends and Faculty, old and new —
to everyone who has visited (and visits) my site...

to everyone in the Doom Community —
webmasters, level designers, speedrunners, programmers,
artists, musicians, reviewers, and everyone else who keeps Dooming...

Hope all of you have a terrific 2005!

-- Karthik, 1 January 2005


Watch for more comics from me in 2005!
To begin with, I plan to write and draw a Hellraiser-based comic in January
(tentatively titled "House of Lamentations").

The font used in the comic is called Rehr,
and it was obtained from here.  The music in the background is a MIDI version of
Somebody Dance With Me by Kraftwerk.

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