Doomworld Speedmapping Pack 4 - MAP16

In late 2001, Doomworld used to organise a weekly activity called Speedmapping.  The idea here was to build a level on a given theme in just 100 minutes.  The theme of the week used to be announced every Saturday on IRC in #doomworld at 8 PM GMT.  Participants had to build levels as fast as they could on that theme, and then send their level to the Doomworld guys.  The next day, the Speedmap pack would be released with all the submitted levels.  I took part in Speedmapping four times.

For me, 8 PM GMT is almost 1 AM (you can check with the time displayed on top of every page on this site), so each time I took part in Speedmapping, I used to stay awake till 3 AM...  Anyway it was a lot of fun each time.

[ Doomworld Speedmapping Page ]

Download DWSPD004 (262 KB, 17 maps)

Demos of this pack are most probably available at Opulent's Doomed Speed Demos Archive

Pack #4 - Tech Base Themed Level (MAP16)

Click to see larger imageThis was my first time Speedmapping.  The theme was to build a tech-base level with atleast two secrets.  And my map consisted largely of open, square rooms.  Still, I think it was a pretty good first attempt, that too in 100 minutes (seeing as how my earlier maps took about 15 hours to complete!).  My level ended up as MAP16 in dwspd004.wad.

Click to see larger imageThere are two secrets in the level and both are easy to find.  The Speedmap packs are intended to be Boom-compatible, but my map runs perfectly with plain old doom2.exe.

Opulent and Albert Valls did terrific demos of all the levels in this collection.  There's a normal UV Max demo and a Fast Monsters Run of my map, and the demos are spectacular!

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