Dead Simple: Revisited

Wim Vanrie · Doom II
Wim Vanrie (site)
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8 out of 10

The Review

The mancubus fight

A bit deadly, simple, and revisited... is how the text file describes this map.  As you might expect, this is a recreation of Doom II's original MAP07, Dead Simple.

This level plays just like the original Dead Simple, except it has a few surprises thrown in.  The first thing you see when you start the level is a switch in front of you - similar to the opening of the original map.  But then, when you activate the switch and lower the barrier blocking you, you'll realise this is... well... different!

No problem with weapons

There are lots of mancubi here, and the area you fight them in is a lot smaller than the original.  This place is very nicely built, it reminds me of some of the architecture in Wim's first Terrere map (the iron beams overhead).  It gives a nice atmosphere to the level, as if it was part of a fort of some kind, which is what Terrere was like.  After you kill all the mancubi, it's time to fight the arachnotrons like in the original.  Except here, they teleport on some rocky cliffs (with small bloodfalls) that you can see a little distance away.  Kill all of them, and you can activate the switches in the centre of the main area.  This brings down four small teleporters, all of which take you to the same cliff area I was describing earlier.  Run around a bit here, and you'll reach the exit (which is a kind of slipgate).  But there's one more surprise before you go!

The arachnotrons now!

I liked this map a lot.  Ultra Violence skill will be very difficult for many players.  I enjoyed it on skill 1, which is easy.  It is fun to play.  Like I mentioned before, the level has a nice atmosphere, the brown Doom II sky goes very well with the textures chosen here.  Play it once with no monsters, because in normal play, you won't have time to admire your surroundings.  There is plenty of ammo and enough health to get you through the level.  A small, fast map, well done.  Requires an enhanced port because of the detail in the main area.

Other Notes

This level was intended to be MAP07 of the PAIN megawad, but then when it was decided to make PAIN compatible with doom2.exe, this map would not have fit in (it gives HOM because of the detailing), so Wim released it by itself.

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Review Date 7 Oct 02
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