Deadly Bet

1992 · PM Entertainment Group Inc.
Deadly Bet — Movie Review by Karthik
6 out of 10
Directing Credits
Richard W. Munchkin
Writing Credits
Written by Joseph Merhi and Robert Tiffe
Jeff Wincott, Steven Vincent Leigh, Charlene Tilton, Michael DeLano

The Review

Jeff Wincott stars as Angelo - a gambler who has a weakness for risky bets.  He accepts a challenge from a kickboxer called Rico (Steven Vincent Leigh), and fights him.  Only, he loses - and he ends up owing Rico fifteen thousand dollars, and loses his girlfriend Isabella (Charlene Tilton) to Rico.  He only gets deeper and deeper into debt with nasty people - and soon becomes an alcoholic.  But later he picks himself up, participates in a kickboxing tournament where he defeats Rico, settles his debts and wins back his girlfriend.  This movie doesn't have a lot of plot.  But it has a decent screenplay, and decent acting too.  The only problem is that it becomes very sluggish in the middle (much like our hero) and the fights, although well filmed, tough and brutal, are not outstanding.  Otherwise, an entertaining movie.  And one thing I'd like to point out - Jeff Wincott has a beer belly early in the movie (when he's playing the alcoholic), and then at the end, he loses it and gets in shape.  I don't know how long this movie was in filming, but it sure looks like they put in a good deal of effort into making it.  And my favourite part of the film is when some thugs confront Angelo and ask him for his money.  He says - "You want money?  I owe one guy five thousand dollars.  And my best friend one thousand dollars.  Last night, I lost fifteen thousand dollars - and my girlfriend.  You want money?"

Other Notes

I remember that our cable operator showed this movie on his channel a very long time back (probably 1995).  I watched it when STAR Movies showed it in May 2001.  This is a PM Entertainment Movie.  And hence, worth watching!

More Details

Running Time: 93 minutes | Country: US | Genre: Action

Ratings Info

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Review Date 9 Sep 02
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