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Tuesday · 2 Oct 07 · 02:24 PM IST | Posted by Karthik | Category: Tech

Was reading Krish Ashok's blog yesterday, and was noting his propensity for puns, so I thought I'd get in on the act as well.  This post is an excuse to use the headline.

My laptop was behaving very sluggish over the past few months, and in recent days I started moving GBs of data out from the hard disk, onto DVDs or my external hard disk.  This improved the performance quite a bit (though I still wonder, when you have an 80 GB hard disk, shouldn't you be allowed to use more than 60 GB?), and yesterday, I ran chkdsk and then started defragmenting the hard disk.  After running for about 18 hours or so, it got done yesterday evening.  Watching the defragmenter is like watching paint dry, but I was wondering about the algorithm that it'd use, and would running it once again make a difference (like a two-pass thing, but I guess it won't matter).  So that's why I was reading about this stuff on Wikipedia and it reminded me that the equivalent of chkdsk on a Linux system is fsck, hence the headline (see "Track 12" on this page, that's what it is named after.  Sorry, couldn't resist).

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21 Oct 07 · 01:43 PM
i have done some research on defragmenting when i was working on my office computer. it was damn slow initially. defragmenting many times does help as i noticed it defragments only to a certain extent (i think in percentage terms). So looking for files (from view details) does help. Try moving or cut paste the file which the system is not able to defragment into other drive and then run the defragmentation. u can cut paste the files at the same location after complete defragmentation and full GREEN picture.
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